A Court of Mist and Fury ( A Court of Thorns and Roses 2)

A Court of Mist and Fury
By Sarah J. Maas
  For love, she cheated death.
  For her world, she will become a weapon.
  “To the stars who listened, and to the dreams that are answered.”
  Wait…don’t you ask me why I choose this quote as my beginning…I just love it so much!!!! Few months ago, when I finished A Court of Thorns and Roses, I knew that I needed the second part immediately, and finally after the long-long wait…the book is here. But, just before the book arrived, I’ve seen a lot of plot predictions and all of them are about Feyre and Rhys…their possibility of being together. As you might know…I ship Feyre and Tamlin so hard that I had already imagined what I was about to write for my review of A Court of Mist and Fury. “Do you a shouting all around the world? Cause that’s what happened when I read this book!!! And damn! I need Feyre and Tamlin together.”
  However…things turn out quite different as I’ve expected…no shouting…just unstoppable laughing when I read this book. Is it a good book? Definitely. Is it better than the first one? I think it is. Worth reading? I devoured the book within two day. Oh wait! I didn’t DEVOURED it…I SWALLOWED it.

  “Tell me what you see.”
  “A world divided in two.”
  Feyre survived Amarantha’s clutches to return to the Spring Court—but at a steep cost. Though she now has the powers of the High Fae, her heart remains human, and it can’t forget the terrible deeds she performed to save Tamlin’s people.
  Nor has Feyre forgotten her bargain with Rhysand, High lord of the feared Night Court. As Feyre navigates its dark web of politics, passion, and dazzling power, a greater evil looms—and she might be key to stop it. But only if she can harness her harrowing gifts, heal her fractured soul, and decide how she wishes to shape her future—and the future of a world torn apart.

  Oh god…this book is even better than the first one!!!! I love the entire world being expand and we get to see more Fae’s world. We no longer stay in Spring Court but travel everywhere with Feyre and Rhys. ACOMAF is not just about romance like A Court of Thorns and Roses anymore…it becomes more epic and all the schemes and training and politics…just WOW. Definitely wow. 

  Now, I would like to start with…SPRING COURT!
  (Warning 1…before you start to read the review down below…there might be spoilers. I make it not only review…but discussion as well. And please accept my apologize…cause I haven’t learn how to hide only part of the spoilers, and it’s hard not to spoil anything if I want to talk about this book…so…you might want to skip if you especially hate spoilers. But I assure you…I’ll try my best to make the review + discussion great. So you won’t feel wasting your time well reading. Please skip to the last paragraph if you wish not to read spoiler…although I try to maintain their existence.)
  (Warning 2…it’s an enormous review…more than 3000 words await you.)
   “He locked you up because he knew—the bastard knew what a treasure you are. That you are worth more than land or gold or jewels. He knew, and wanted to keep you all to himself.” The words hit me, even as they soothed some jagged piece in my soul. “He did—does love me, Rhysand.” “The issue isn’t whether he loved you, it’s how much. Too much. Love can be a poison.”
  As we all know…Feyre now supposed to live happily ever after with Tamlin in the Spring Court. But Feyre is not a human anymore. It might be a great opportunately for others…yet to Feyre, the cost is too high for her to bare. The quest under mountain didn’t just change Feyre’s mortal life…but also her mortal heart. The continuing nightmares hunted her and left her no peace. Well…I actually question this part a little bit…only a little bit. We know that Feyre met Tamlin becaues she killed a Fae in the forest…somehow…she never felt guilty for it. (I know she apologized…but that’s different from this situation!) Then after she killed the two innocent…she just kept dreaming about it and feeling guilty. And the life in Spring Court…isn’t what she had imagine. Feyre was forced to wear dresses and social with other Fae. Well Spring Court no longer needs mask to hide themselves…Feyre needs to put on her mask to get through the life. And the wedding, yes, there is a wedding! But don’t be to exciting, Team Tamlin…we know from the book that the wedding is definitely being ruined. There are a lots of small part of the books on Tumbler…but everything I read is different from the book! like I’ve read a short wedding part…and then when I was reading the book…I don’t even know where it is! So…hear my advice…don’t put too much faith on Tumbler…get the book yourselves! Nevermind…but the problems isn’t just about the nightmares and the life of Spring Court…but Tamlin. 

  Yes, you see the picture…and now you understand how horrible the problems is. WHERE IS MY SWEET TAMLIN??? THE SWEET BOY COMPANIED FEYRE AND GAVE HER PEACEFUL LIFE??? Tamlin is like a jerk in this book!!! I don’t know who can endure him like that…perhaps Bella from Twilight? She is the only protagonist I know who love to be over protected. It seems that we’re meeting a completely different character, and a totally untolerable one. I know…Sarah J Maas love to do such things…as our previour experience in Throne of Glass series. But I must say…I don’t hate her so much for the sudden change of Tamlin. To me…we only glimpse a little part of Tamlin in ACOTAR. We knew that he was under a curse and being forced not to kill Feyre after she killed his friend…but learned to love her. Then after that…we move to the Under Mountain, where both of them rarely spoke at all. So despite the fact that Feyre and Tamlin are in love…I don’t think they really know each other very well. And so do we, we don’t know Tamlin that much. So that makes it acceptable when we read the enormous changes in Tamlin, instead of hating him…we can say that we know him better…which I suppose isn’t a good thing. While Rhys has a great image in this book…Tamlin is just totally ruined. The High Lord of Spring Court isnt the prince that Feyre has imagined…but turns out to be her hightmare. He is over protective…what worse…a terrible lover. His love was a poison, only added pain to Feyre. Rhys has a vision for a better future, but Tamlin just won’t dare to change the old way.
  “When you spend so long trapped in darkness, Lucien, you find that the darkness begins to stare back.”
  Then Lucien…he…well…didn’t change a bit. But he do have some interesting story in this book. As some of the reader might be disappointed because there are less Lucien…I think ever less than A Court of Thorns and Roses. In ACOMAF, Lucien kind of stuck between Tamlin and Feyre. A part of him knew that Tamlin was wrong and he desperately wanted to help Feyre…yet the other part of him…the stupidly loyal part…commanded him to obey Tamlin. I know Feyre hated Lucien for not helping her…but I don’t. I think the position of his tortured him. Through the entire book, Feyre kept emphasizing that she isnt a pet of High Lord. However, while Feyre can loudly say that she doesnt belong to anyone, although Tamlin ignored her at all…I don’t think Lucien can. Lucien is Tamlin’s subject…so that make his situtation harder. An emissary must follow the instruction of his lord, shouldn’t him? Lucien only gets a tiny part in this book, but don’t worry…I’m sure we’ll get a lot of Lucien in the third book…which…who know when I can get the book.

  All in all, although it’s called “Spring Court,” it’s actually Feyre’s nightmare and prison. In this book, Spring Court contains all what Feyre hated most, and a place she desperately wants to escape.
Nigh Court
  “To the stars who listened, and to the dreams that are answered.”
  Now you know how much I love this quote~
  Ahh!!!! My favorite court among them all!!!! I love Night Court, it’s everything I desire. The stars, the moon, the life and everything! And I BELONG TO THE NIGHT COURT!!!! The majority of ACOMAF set in the Night Court, the court that Fae rarely knows about and understands. All their imagination is “dark, evil, horribel…” However, of course it’s not! It might be the most beautiful plave I’ve ever read in books!
  “Come on, Feyre. We don’t bite. Unless you ask us to.”
  We’re now meeting a lot of new characters!!! And they’re all so great and funny and…warm. Mor, Rhys’s cousin. She is the third commander of Rhysand, and an extremely lovely Fae. According to Feyre, she is just like her elder sister, Nesta. Oh yes! We’re going to read more about her sisters in this book! I’ll mention that later. Besides Mor, we also get Amren, a who-know-what-she-is characters. She is perhaps as powerful as Rhys, and the ost fearsome person not only in Night Court, but every place in Prychian. Then Cassian and Azriel, Rhysand’s general and warriors, and his family. the four of them are Rhys’ inner circle, they live as a family, fight for each other and protect each other. But I’m not going to explain their relationship here…cause according to Mor…there are thousands of years between them all…both twisted and confusing…so…no, read that part for yourselves. It’s readlly great to read new characters and visit new places, especially such a lovely one. Sarah J Maas sucessfully created all of them and gave them different characteristic, and you’ll only want to learn more about them. What’s more, each of them has some time with Feyre, so we’ll get to know them better.

  You’re welcome, you know.” “For what?” Rhys paused less than a foot away, sliding his hands into his pockets. The night didn’t seem to ripple from him here—and he appeared, despite his perfection, almost normal. “For saving you when asked.”
  When Feyre first arrived…her interaction with Rhys was…hilarious. I just keep laughing. But actually, it quite a sad part for Feyre. She was still hunted by innumerable nightmares and the terrible life of Spring Court. She became pale and thin…and alost look like a zombie. Then the second time she comes…everything has change. She isn’t forced to come…but by her own free will. And in the Night Court…Feyre is gradually healing, with Rhys, with Mor and everyone, and with the movely town of Night Court. Yet my problem with this part is that Feyre started to question her relationship with Tamlin…which I hated everytime when those kind of things happened. Like in Heir of Fire, Celaena questioned herslef and Chaol…now in ACOMAF, Feyre questioned Tamlin whether love her or just wanted her body. Really? Is that necessiary? And especially I couldn’t agree with most of her point. True, Tamlin is a total prick and horrible guy in this book, and he is definitely out…but that doesn’t mean all his deed was erased in ACOTAR, I still believe that he loves Feyre deeply, just with a wrong way. For example, Feyre wondered about the part that Tamlin begged Amarantha to leave her…but Rhys actually longed a knife toward that evil Fae. Really? In the first book…Tamlin was still healing from the wound that Feyre cut into him!!! How can she possibly question that? And lots of lots of things like that.
   “I was not prey any longer, I decided as I eased up to that door.
And I was not a mouse.
I was a wolf.”
  Aside from questioning herself and comfronting her feeling, Feyre also learns to control her own power and trains. I especially love the training part, we get to read Feyre learning all her magnificent abilities and use them to protect the ones she loves. And they often exploded under dangerous circumstances. So that means…EPIC SCENES!!! And since she train with Rhys most of the time…the interaction always make me laugh. I just couldn’t help but keep laughing throughout the mind blocking training part. THAT IS AWESOME!!!
   “You can be a pawn, be someone’s reward, and spend the rest of your immortal life bowing and scraping and pretending you’re less than him, than Ianthe, than any of us. If you want to pick that road, then fine. A shame, but it’s your choice.” The shadow of wings rippled again. “But I know you—more than you realize, I think—and I don’t believe for one damn minute that you’re remotely fine with being a pretty trophy for someone who sat on his ass for nearly fifty years, then sat on his ass while you were shredded apart—”
Stop it—”
Or,” he plowed ahead, “you’ve got another choice. You can master whatever powers we gave to you, and make it count. You can play a role in this war. Because war is coming one way or another, and do not try to delude yourself that any of the Fae will give a shit about your family across the wall when our whole territory is likely to become a charnel house.”
  Now, I know you’re anticipating for this one—Rhysand!!! What I found interested is that I ship Tamlin and Feyre…but I’m Team Rhysand. Rhysand is mine!!! Don’t you dare take him from me, Feyre!!! (Well…just kidding…I’ve so many fiction boyfriend I don’t mind share him with you.) what we know about Rhys is going to be different in this book. Is he cunning, selfish, dangerous, and brutal? Yes, but there are tons of reasons behind all his acts. In this book…Rhys is almost a perfect guy…just like Tamlin before, but the different is, now we know him better, not just as the whore of Amarantha and the wicked dark lord. He has comapssion, vision for the future, and cares for his people. Even he needs to make great sacrifice, he believes it’s worth it as long as his people is safe. What’s important of all…he has a healthy relationship with Feyre…at least to me. No more crazy part like what happened in ACOTAR…but it all comes slowly and peacefully. Well…he is still arrogance…but there are much more about him. That’s why I love him so much!!!! The great part of this series is that since we only catch a glimpse of both Tamlin and Rhysand, we won’t feel so strange about the completely different side of them in ACOMAF. Not like what happened in TOG series. I think this is the part that SJM makes this series even better. Rhys is evil and a jerk in ACOTAR, but in this book, we can read the reasons why and understand. Tamlin might be a sweet guy…but there are still dark part inside him. During Feyre’s stay in Night Court, Rhys treats her as equal, as a worthy Fae, unlike what happened in the Spring Court. Even when they…(cough!) Rhys never considered her as a pet or…something like that. that’s the part that makes Rhys stands out from Tamlin…although…it actually isn’t a hard thing to do.
  “The stars cascaded over us, filling the world with whit and blue light. They were like living fireworks, and my breath lodged in my throats as the stars kept on falling and falling.”
  Since the majority part set in the Night Court…there are precisely details and events to be introduced to us…and they’re all amazing!!!! Even The Court of Nightmares is amazing. This part is my favorite part through out the entire book. to sum up, Night Court is where Feyre found herself healing again and found everything she values and fought for them. Excellent part~
Summer Court
  “We seemed to be standing on a landing platform at the base of a tan stone palace, the building itself perched atop a mountain-island in the heart of a half-moon bay. The city spread around and below us, toward that sparkling sea—the buildings all from that stone, or glimmering white material that might have been coral or pearl.”
 In this book, we not only see Night Court and Spring Court, but also Summer Court. A poor court…actually, only being a game of Feyre’s. But since she is visiting there for a better future…I forgive you, and I hope that Tarquin, the High Lord of Summer Court will forgive you as well. Invaded into Summer Court has always been one of their plan…and this is one of the most exciting part in this book. How Feyre and Amren found things and escape…and how Feyre’s “mortal heart” save them all.
  Besides the adventure, Feyre also met other “good” Fae and find herself pretty jealous. No, I’m not telling you why she’s jealous, but the Fae in Summer Court are also quite interesting, especially the High Lord and his cousin. Even Rhys like him! See? That’s a miracle! Rhysand loves no one except his inner circle, his people, and…(cough!) No, I’m just kidding…Rhys has a tender heart in this book…which I think we are reading another Rhys, not the one in ACOTAR. And why am I talking about Rhys while I suppose to tell you Tarquin? (But he is also a cute one…I wish to know him more.)

  “No light burned on it. But it felt…old. As if it were a spider that had been down the minutes intil I could leave.”  
  Remember the big boss behind the terrifying Amarantha? Now we finally going to read about it! The last part of the book, which is also where the cliffhanger lands, takes part in the horrible palace. And…since I don’t want to spoil you a lot…I can’t tell you precisely about it. But, all of the characters are going to meet in this place, the old ones we know and the new ones we meet. It feels so anxious to read this part, especially all those struggle and fighting and cursing and…and after reading this part…I even wonder whether Amarantha will come back in the third book. Who knows? What I learn from Sarah J Maas’ books is that never try to predict anything, anything can happen in her book, and if you do that…you’re going to drive yourselves mad. I did…used to. But know I learn my lesson.

  Finally…here comes the ending of this review. (WOW…it takes me THREE HOURS to finish this enormous review. See how much I love it now???)

  It’s so sad that I finish this book so fast…since I now need to wait for another year…but it’s definitely one of the best book I’ve read this year. It’s a great book…even though there are still some part I question about…some I mention above, while the others I didn’t write them out. (Like…I can’t help but relate Feyre, Tamlin, and Rhys to Katniss, Gale and Peeta. And the second book somehow…you know…all the nightmares and troubles are just like Catching Fire! But wait…it’s not a dystopia…and there are just my own connection. So don’t worry even you saw me writing those…perspectives.) The story lines are all out of original ideas, and give us a fresh book. And for those who doubt ACOTAR, I’ll highly recommend you to read the second book, since it’s much more better, much more…”Sarah J Maas.” And it’s a large book guys…IT’S A LARGE BOOK!!! I just keep feeling it and smelling it when I receive this book!!! Love it so much!

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