Top Five Phantom of The Opera Version

Top Five Phantom of The Opera Version
  As you might find that I’m an addicted lover not only books but also musical. Sadly, I can’t watch so many even if I wanted to. Thankfully, we can watch so tiny pieces on YouTube so I can briefly know them. Asides from short cut, a lot cover version also display on YouTube…especially The Phantom of The Opera. It’s a worldwide musical! I do believe that mostly all people on Earth at least heard once or twice about it, whether you watch musical or not. It’s soooo famous! And not to mention the classic music! I just love that song. So, I’m here today to introduce you my five favorite version of covers and performances…and I might add extra…hum…”funny” editions into them. 

1.        Sierra Boggess Sing Surprise Quintet at Phantom 's 25th Anniversary Performance
This performance was held on the 25th Anniversary Performance in Broadway, and at the end, four phantoms who performed before appeared to sing along with Sierra Boggess. If you’ve seen the celebration in Royal Albert Hall before, you’ll know that performance was sung by Sara Brightman. Why did I choose this edition, because I found it extremely interesting when the phantoms sang. Whenever a phantom sang, fans will cheers…and as you can guess, when it came to Ramin Karimloo…the screaming was the loudest. And their interactions were so cute! No wonder most of us love Sierra Boggess & Ramin Karimloo’s version the best.  

  But, although I love this ship too, they somehow…disappointed me sometime. In the performance at Classic BRIT Awards, Sierra Boggess & Ramin Karimloo kind of…well…sang too slowly, so they were always behind the tempo. I don’t know that’s because the huge hall or not…but the performance was…umm…not so good. But expect that, their singing was excellent. Especially when Ramin Karimloo sang “grow stronger,” I think he was the first one who sang that way…and it becomes a phenomenon, ever cover sings like that. (Warning, I’m not sure if it was Ramin who sang like that first, so if you know, please tell me under!)  

  And the last performance of Sierra Boggess & Ramin Karimloo I’m going to introduce is: Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess - The Phantom Of The Opera, the performance in Japan. Really? When the Japanese Phantom suddenly came out singing, I was like: “are you serious? That’s so weird!” when I heard the German version of Lover Never Dies and Till I Hear You Sing, I was like…umm…all right, that’s not bad. Instead, it is good! But when I heard the Japaness version of Phantom of the Opera and Lover Never Dies…I…please…just stop that. It’s so weird. The words just don’t match the music. It’s like watching Disney movies with Chinese Speakers! You Japanese can stick with the original version of Phantom of the Opera!!! Don’t ruin it!  

2.      The Phantom Of The Opera Cover by Luke Murgatroyd & Jessica Hackett
This is one of the best covers I’ve ever heard. I just fell in love with it immediately. Jessica Hackett sings perfectly as Christine, her voice is lovely, and she sound a bit like Emmy Rossum! And Luke Murgatroyd also did a great job a Phantom…only a little bit worse than Ramin Karimloo, I dare say...but the ‘stronger” part well…not as powerful as Ramin Karimloo. But I still love this version .

3.      One Man Phantom of the Opera (Medley Cover) Nick Pitera
This version…is both great and funny! I laugh all the time whenever I see Nick Pitera’s facial expressions! They’re dramatic. Really. But the cover is great! Especially for a man…to sing three characters differently. Well…it must be easy for him, right? I mean…he is so great at this. I laugh so hard when I saw the comments which asked him to do a one man musical of The Phantom of the Opera. Imaging the state with one man, performing all the characters…that’s cool! But if he really going to perform on Broadway, I wish he can play Raul, he sings his part beautifully, and hopelessly romantic. 

4.      The Phantom of the Opera - (VoicePlay feat Rachel Potter)
This is the A Capella version, and they added some “rock” part into the song. Different…but I like it! I think it’s quite interesting to hear something like that. And the part that they all take off the mask, with all the background music, that’s nice. 

5.      Phantom of the Opera—Lindsey Stirling
This is the rock version of Phantom of the Opera, all by violin. When I watch this video, I was like WOW! How could she play violin possibly by that! That’s so hard!!! In fact, I play violin myself…and not bad I dare say. But I could never swing like that. I won’t and I can’t. But seeing her performance was amazing! And the background were pretty breathtaking as well.  

So, these are my favorite Phantom of the Opera cover! What’s yours? Tell me about it!


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