Dream (Short Story)


A dream.
A girl.
  Soundly at night. In her dream, she is flying, with breathtaking wings that flies behind her back.
  She is a fairy.
  And she is flying high in the sky, embracing the darkness.
  She becomes the master of the dark.
  Then, a star appears. Shining brightly at her, calling her, softly, gently.
  And to her amazement...
  The star is transparent. Like a glass, like a mirror, reflecting all the light beside.
  She looks through the star, there, she sees another world.
   A world with innumerable fairies just like her. Flowers blooming beautifully around, a sky with endless blue, and a lake full of magical creatures.
  She tries to fly into the world, and magically, she passes like nothing is stopping her.
  There, the girl plays happily with her new friends. She stays for day and night, singing, playing, and finally, she knows where she belongs.
  She belongs to this world, the world of star. She belongs with all fairies, away from the brutal world she used to live.
  Seasons past, she becomes one of them. She learns things she never knows before, she uses her wing more smoothly. There, she no longer a miserable girl, but becomes the fairest fairy of them all.
  Yet one day, she slips.
  She awakes.
  Finding herself once again...in her old life. Her normal, miserable life.
  But this time, she learns. She is about to control her life. She's going to take her life back in her hands.


  Several years past, she becomes a powerful woman. A successful, influential person in the world.
  Yet she always remembers the time she spent in the world of star, where she learns so much and was inspired.
  She knows, there's always a fairy inside her heart. And one day, she'll be back.
  This short story is inspired by the musical Finding Neverland and Peter Pan. I really love to draw inspiration from songs and musical…don’t I? But I love musical!!! They’re so great! Although I can’t see the entire show with my own eyes, I’ve already been drown into the music once I heard it. Finding Neverland is brilliant! I love those songs so much!!! Inside the story, I portray a girl with a miserable but changes. One day, I was wondering what’s the life after Wendy left Neverland and returned to her normal life? I know in the Disney movie she had a perfect marriage and owned cute children…yet I still want to know that going Neverland isn’t just for happy memory, nether sweet bed time story. So I create my own version of “Wendy” and mix in a bit Twinkle Bell. I want to portray a girl turn in to a woman and believe that she can hold her own life. So, this is how Dream is mainly about! Hope you enjoy it!


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