5 Bad Habits of a Book Blogger/Writer

5 Bad Habits of a Book Blogger/Writer
  The more I blog…I develop some series habits while I am blogging. Really…they are such BAD habits!!! And I think some of the reasons are also because the more book blog and book tube I watch…the more serious those problems I become. But, I’m not going to change those habits! I say they are BAD habits…but that doesn’t mean I need to change myself…right? I enjoy them, and they’re all great company…most of the time. 

1.     Become DRAMATIC.
Well…I think that’s all fangirls and fanboys bad habit. Just look at Goodreads! Whenever a title or cover is there, you can see all dramatic expression. And almost all of the bloggers need to add a bit dramatic stuff into the articles…right? Unless your writing is really, really great. Unfortunately…I’m neither a great writer nor a dramatic person. But…I find myself become more and more dramatic recently. Just look at my Kiss of Deception post! I couldn’t forget all my reaction when I’m reading this book. Actually, I’m a really calm person…I don’t scream, don’t shout, don’t get exciting when a handsome guys close…but whenever it comes to books…all of that disappear. If you know me in person…you’ll know what I mean…and I think even some of my classmates don’t believe that I have this kind of…potential to be a fangirl. 

2.      You’re finding inspiration everywhere. EVERYEHERE.
Seriously, when I watch book tube before, I just simply enjoyed to all those video…and of course, find another awesome series. But, since I started my book blog, whenever I was watching those video…I’m finding the book tags that I’m interested in doing and when I listen to songs…I was finding inspiration. That’s fun…but some time annoying!!! But I can’t stop myself! AHHH!!!! I want to enjoy the books and music simply!!! But I love blogging! I really do! So on the other hand, I don’t want to give it up this habit. (Unfortunately…I was listening to Into the Wood while I was typing this list…I think I found another inspiration for my next short story…) 

3.     Your to-read list keeps growing, wallet keeps losing.
Well…this problem actually happens when I started to change my reading habit. I used to read translated books, of course, mostly YA. But when I started to read original books…and join Goodreads…the to-read list…that is magnificent. 300 hundred books, 300 HUNDRED books!!! And it keeps growing in an enormous speed!!! How on earth I’m doing such an expensive habit? (My wallet start screaming…I can’t save any money since my to-read list keeps growing. Always…zero.) And book blogging also increases the speed!!! Since I need to keep posting reviews and all the other stuff to maintain reader… (I’m a tiny book blog…without post…no reader…sobbing…) I need to buy books!!! (Wait? Is that an excuse? You’ll keep buying books no matter you blog or not.) Never mind…but reading all those book blogs will increase your desire to buy books!!! And if you don’t get ARC…that means…bye-bye wallet. 

4.     You never leave your computer or phone.
If you’re a writer or blogger, you’ll know how important it is to keep down all your thought and inspiration. So from the moment that I decided to re-write my novel…my phone never left me. I need to keep my ideas down all the time! And I read it over and over again…in case I wrote something even I can’t tolerate. As for notebook/computer…well…once you started to write…you might not leave your computer after hours. You can’t simply leave your work there once the ideas come and when you’re writing. So before you start, you must set all the tea and food beside you…otherwise you’ll have to suffer from huger. Even when I’m not writing but blogging…I need my notebook to organize everything. Ahh!!! How can I survive without them!!!! (In fact…when I first started my novel three years ago…I wrote it by hand. Because I couldn’t keep going by typing on computer…I simply couldn’t think in front of notebook. But once I began typing, because I could no longer write by hands…my hands sored…and gradually, gradually…I wrote faster and faster by laptop.)  

5.     You get excited when someone is really reading!!!
One of my bad habit now is to take a look at my reader list…look how many of you are reading. I’m a tiny blog…I know the number of reader doesn’t bother those famous blogger…but I’m so tiny! It feels so great when you learn that someone was actually reading!!! I remembered that once in a while, my reader list would rise to an enormous number…and I could get excited for the entire morning. What’s more exciting than that? Comments! I love comments…unfortunately…I rarely get them…once in a while perhaps…I think I need to read more blog in the future…while I’m not so busy. Besides readers…authors visiting your blog is also a pleasant thing. I still remember I frenzied with joy when I saw Melanie Dickerson left comments on one of my reviews. Of course, that’s her book…and she is one of my favorite author! How can’t you not feel exciting? Also, I keep my latest post noticing on Twitter, so authors sometime retweet my post. That. Is. Fantastic. 

  How do you feel about the habits you develop while blogging? Do you find them extremely annoying or do you feel great since they mean you’re a writer now? Tell me some of you thought! I desperately want to hear from all of you!


  1. Omg I RELATE TO ALL OF THESE. XD And getting inspiration for a post while you're doing something else and having to rush back to your computer/phone to jot it down before you forget?! THAT TOO. And pfft, omg, I've given up on keeping my TBR under control. Or having money. xD And yes, omg, YES comments and follows feel sooooo good! I know I get a lot, but I still think they're precious and wonderful. It's just so exciting when someone cares about your writing, right?!?
    AND YES I'M VERY DRAMATIC NOW THAT I'M A BLOGGER. All caps and shriekings and flailings = me. I 100% blame this on blogging for sure.

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  2. I always run out of money at the beginning of the month!!! It's so hard to keep them when you have so many new release to buy!
    And by the way, I keep laughing wen I read your comment! It isn't that good to read it during class, is it? HAHA! Blogging is DEFINITELY the WORST HABIT I have ever developed!!!!

  3. I have the problem of not leaving my computer... must go read!!!

    1. I sometime have this problem too!!! Spending so much time on the Internet...and then my brain shouted "go reading!!! Your TBR is growing!!!"


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