The Book Courtship Tag

The Book Courtship Tag 
  Once again, I saw this book tag on YouTube and wanted to do it…so here we come! Another book tag…so many book tags…wow…

1.     Initial Attraction: What’s a book you buy base on the cover?
Well…many books? Maybe most of them…? I might count some of them for you: A Queen of The Tearling, The Captive Maiden, A Discovery of Witches, Siren, Kiss of Description, Princesses at the Midnight Ball… WOW…don’t you dare tell me don’t judge the book by its cover…because they are all great books. As it turns out, I have a great taste on book covers so I seldom make mistake on judging book. Well of course I’ll miss some good book because of this reason…but at least I won’t buy a book that truly disappoints me. 
2.     First Impression: A book you buy because of the summery.
Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge. I love the summery, especially the book trailer!!! The music of it sounds so great! And the summery, ahh!!! I read this book all because of the summery. (Well...also because of the cover and the “fairytale retelling” part…but most of all…the summery!!!) Here, look down below the amazing, attracting summery.
Her mission was to kill him.
Her destiny was to love him.
   She was trained for seventeen years to kill him,
   Raised by her world to despise him,
   Willing to trade her own life to destroy him.
 But what she never expected was that he would change her forever. 
3.     Sweet Talk: A book with great writing.
Hum…let’s go to All Soul Trilogy’s Shadow of Night. I really love this book, especially it places under the Elizabeth era. I love history fiction, and it also mixes with magic and romance…how perfect! You couldn’t possible seek for another novels that contain witched, vampires, and demons so well! Since Deborah Harknes is an expert to history herself…this entire series combine reality and fiction really well…it’ll make you even question whether it’s truth or not. And the series is as thick as a brick…don’t we all love thick book? 
4.     First State: A book you’ll like to finish the rest series.
The praise goes to—Harry Potter!!! I know, it’s most of us all-time favorite! I still remember I saw all the people waiting for the release of Deathly Hollow, and it calls my interest how so many people lined up for a book. (I’m still out of books control then…so naïve of the books’ power…) So I brought the original book of Deathly Hollow. Unfortunately, my English ability was so good then and I could hardly understand all the spells and names. So I turned to the first book. And after I finished it…I just grabbed the rest of the series immediately and waited anticipatorily for the last book to translate. Till now, I still love them so much that I’ve two entire shelves full of Harry Potter’s stuff…(Expect for Fanko Pop…I still can’t get my hands on those adorable cuties.) Crazy huh? (And the pumpkin juice in the Universal Wizarding World of Harry Potter tastes so nice!!! I love it so much!!!)  
5.     Late Nigh Book Take: A book that you read throughout the night.
The Merchant’s Daughter by Melanie Dickerson. When I first got my hands on that book, I’ve already know how great this fairytale romance series are…and I couldn’t stop at all! Originally I planned to sleep after 2 a.m., yet I kept reading, reading and reading another chapters…the next thing I know is that my father had get up so I’d better go to sleep… to my calculation…it might be about 5 a.m. So as you can tell…the next morning…I can hardly keep my attention. I just brought two heavy eyes with me. But it’s worth it. It definitely worth the staying up, and I’ll choose to do it again as long as I can fight the sleepiness.  
6.     Always On My Mind: A book that you cannot stop thinking about.
Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas. I love her work, really…before everything had changed… I managed to find e-book after I read Throne of Glass and can’t wait to read Crown of Midnight. But then after that, my mind just kept wondering about how Chaol and Celaena would end. I couldn’t erase all the plots out of my mind!!! And it was the first time that happened such terrible thing! My conscience was calling me to study homework…because we’re about to have our college exam…yet my mind kept betraying me!!! I couldn’t stop thinking about Chaolaena!!! And my friends around me just watched we whining all day. Really, all day. Every day and night. Every single day. It only became better after Queen of Shadow came out…which destroyed all my dream.  
7.     Getting Physical: A book that you love the feel of.
The Queen of The Tearling by Erika Johansen. This book cover is so amazing and I love to huge it. Yes, hugging the book without reading it. It feels so great just simply touching the book and smell the fragrance of book. And adore the beautiful embroidery around the cover…and yea, touches them. Not to mention it’s one of my favorite book of 2015. That gives it so many stars and love.  
8.     Meeting the Parent: A book that you’ll recommend to your family and friends.
Well…my parents hardly read books. So the only book that both my parents and I read is Twilight Saga. But then…after reading so many books…I won’t recommend it to my friends. It’s still not bad…just I hate the love triangle. As for friends’ recommendation…I can’t tell you which I recommend them, because I must base on what categories they like and how much time they spend on reading. But still…I’ll recommend The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer to all of you guys, it’s a must-read book for YA.  
9.     Thinking about the Future: A Book you’re about to re-read in the future.
It’s really such a bad habit to own so many books on to-read shelves!!! You hardly have time to re-read them!!! You’ll just keep working hard to finish all the books you want to read…and that is an endless pile. However, I would like to re-read The Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare…because I want to read Lady Midnight and I forget most of the part in TMI. That’s awful… But we have to keep in faith that someday…we’ll finish our to-read list…and to add others books into the to-read shelf.  
10.    Who Should I Tag.
Well? I tag everyone who would like to do this tag! Everyone who read this tag!!! You’ll love to be a book blogger…it’s so much fun! And you’ll find yourselves becoming more and more dramatic…just like me.


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