Cress (The Lunar Chronicles 3)

By Marissa Meyer
  How come I read this book after it published for so long…? I should have read it immediately as soon as Cress was released!!! (That should all blame the Chinese translation, if it wasn’t the horrible name, I’ll pick it up sooner!!!) It’s so good! I must say it’s one of the best among the entire series for so long! The plots are exciting and the characters are amazing!!! I kept reading the entire book, and managed to finish it as soon as possible. If you love Cinder, you’ll see her in many part of this book. If you love Scarlet, she’ll appear whenever you miss her. If you love our protagonist—Cress, you’ll find how cute she is inside this book. Remember the Lunar who connected Cinder in the first book? Now we can finally meet her!!! (Plus…we can also meet another charming little girl inside this book!) Behold—the retelling of Rapunzel!
  In this third book in the Lunar Chronicles, Cinder, and Captain Thorne are fugitives on the run, now with Scarlet and Wolf in tow. Together, they’re plotting to overthrow Queen Levana and her army.
  Their best hope lies with Cress, a girl imprisoned on a satellite since childhood who’s only ever had has made Cress an excellent hacker, unfortunately, she’s just received orders from Levana to track down Cinder and her handsome accomplice.
  When a daring rescue of Cress goes awry, the group is separated. Cress finally has her freedom, but it comes at a high price. Meanwhile, Queen Levana will let nothing prevent her marriage to Emperor Kai. Cress, Scarlet, and Cinder may not have signed up to save the world, but they may be the only hope the world has.

  This is the second retelling of Rapunzel I’ve ever read…but honest, except for Tangle, the Disney movie…I’m not quite fond of the retelling of Rapunzel. It makes me feel…so how…boring? But in this book, Marissa made an excellent retelling. It doesn’t follow the original story as others might be, instead, it follows itself with its’ own progress. I’ve tried to find the resemblances with the original fairy tale, however, you’ll only be surprise by the plot when you’re not noticing. It does make it sound interesting, doesn’t it? I love how the story goes without any stop. I consider it as a fast pace story…like every incident happens so close that Cinder and her crew rarely have time to rest. Poor Cinder…under such a larger stress. You think everything will be fine eventually? Well…no!!! You’ll find yourself cursing for the twisting when you’re not expecting. Like I did…I almost shouted out when I saw some part of the story, when I felt extremely tense for the characters. Now, let’s say something about our beloved characters…all right?

  Cinder & Kai
  “So she’s fantastic.”
  He stared at her like he was once again questioning her sanity. “What?”

  They have come a long way since the first book, huh? But no worry, they’re not getting together in this book…well…not exactly what you think. Cinder was forced to embrace her true identity as a Lunar princess, the long-lost princess. (I personally think it resemble to Tangle, don’t you? “The long-lost princess.”) As we can know from the first book, all what Cinder really cares are being mechanic, trying to earn her family’s love, and of course, Kai. She figured that she’s the most wanted fugitive in the entire Earth and Lunar, not to mention her true identity still lay inside her head, waiting for her examination. But then after the second book and in this book, we can see her truly improving herself. She is definitely powerful, but without training, she might be defeated. So she trained herself with Wolf. She finally felt the love of friend during her stay in Rampion. Gradually, but slowly, she improved. Next on, the most handsome royalty in the entire Earth!!! Kai!!! Hum…he is absolutely much more better than the last book, who was kind of confusing about all the stuff that came into his life… While in this book, Kai started to think. (It seems that he didn’t have one before…?) Never mind, he began to question his own law, besides felling ill for marrying Levana. He did something big, a huge change, and against all odd. I think that’s perfect! It feels that Cinder and Kai are closer and getting better. and they remain my favorite couples inside the story.

  Scarlet & Wolf
  Aaaaw,” squeal Iko. “Did Wolf just say that he loves Scarlet? That’s so cute!”

  They are such a star-cross lover! They are the most miserable one among the…hum…three? (Well…actually, four.) They joined Cinder after the second book, and when everything seemed to go just fine…and they separated. Scarlet was captured during the rescue, and they couldn’t know whether she was alive or died. And wolf was seriously damaged…and as you can guest…he became crazy when he heard Scarlet missing. Poor Wolf, poor Scarlet. And they have so much to conquer before having a huge pack of little wolves, and eating tomatoes every day. (…?) But I believe they’ll definitely have a good ending….definitely. (Blinking…) Scarlet did have some spaces inside this book, but not much. Mostly something unsure and torturing. Yet we can still see how stubborn she is, and how brave our little red riding hood is. As for wolf…he just wondered around without a soul, without caring anything but Scarlet. He…needed Cinder to control him to keep going on. Ah!!! I cried so much for this couple…

  Cress & Thorne
  “Do you think it was destiny that brought us together?”
  “No, I’m pretty sure it was Cinder, Why?”

  Moving on, our new little daring!!! Cress!!! Honestly…they are the least favorite couple of mine. I like Cress, definitely, although she isn’t…well…sort of my type of friend. But she kept proving herself. And Thorne is as charming as usual…except…all the disaster happened to him. When we first introduced to Cress, she was still the girl under Levana’s control, and in this book, she managed to contact with Cinder and the others. They came up with a plan to defeat Levana and help Cress. But then…plans will always run out of control, right? Especially rescuing plans. They ALWAYS turn out wrong. Cress and Thorne were forced to separate with the other and try their best to survive. During the long long progress, we can see how Cress jumped out of her naïve nature and started to have contact with the outside world. Although their journey wasn’t so smooth…they still thrive to survive under the savage circumstances. As for the reason why I don’t like this couple…I don’t know! I just can’t feel the connection with them. It seems to me that Cress was so young and it’s stupid to fall in love like that! Without any knowledge about how he truly was. Of course, she knew him better…but then they kept hiding their feelings! Ah!!! I hate that! And Thorne…Throne…just him….flattering with girls as he usual. But…I think Cress is going to make him a better man…and I’m looking forward to that. Perhaps I’ll fall in love with this couple somehow.

  So…this great book is calling for you!!! Read it…read it…read it… Whether you like sci-fi or fantasy or magic or romance or evil queen…you can find them all in the series. Besides, the conversations are so funny! I kept crying and laughing throughout the book! And you won’t want to throw the book to the wall after you finish it!!! You’ll just jump up and down, waiting for the next book to arrive. And…welcome our new pressure little princess! Read the book…go read the book…I glamour you…read the book.

  [A fun fact while I was typing the review: in order to give you all the refreshing review…I stayed up late to finish it. Yet I was so tired that I put “President Snow” inside the review. And I suddenly woke up…I just kept laughing. I could hardly understand why I was putting the scene of Hunger Game into Cress…perhaps Levana’s listening reminds me President Snow watching all over Katniss all the time? Maybe Levana and President Snow will be true love…]


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