The Hunger Games Movie

Hunger Games
Director : Gary Ross 
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson 
  This movie was one of the reasons that I love the entire series!!! The actors are great and the plot follows the book. So after The Lord of the Ring, Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Game was the movie that captured all the audiences’ hearts. What’s the most terrible thing that might happen when a book is going to adapt into a movie? Different plots!!! That will be awful!!! Imagine you’re so anticipate watching the story that plays in your mind so many times…and now after all the time waiting for movie…and BOOM!    The director changes the plots, even the ending…how terrible. Fortunately, no one have to worry about this kind of situation when watching Huger Game. The movie follows the book perfectly, only little change was made. How wonderful!!!

  So the movie starts in district twelve, where people are poor and starving. The movie presents a perfect feeling of it by the sad music background and all those gray color in the country. I think what make this movie great was the background music. (I think I say that in every movie review I write…but the truth is…without music, the movie will be so strange, and it’s so important to match the screen with the music.) There are two reasons that I think this movie is perfect: first, the actors are awesome. As we all know, Katniss was played by Jennifer Lawrence, she was a talented actor. (Just in case that you don’t know: after she became the best actress in Oscar, she was nominated every year. No matter for supporting role or major role.) To me, I think Katniss was somehow similar to her: inside the book, Katniss speaks whatever she like, and that makes people like her. So as Jennifer Lawrence, we can see her present herself in all those awards. Unlike some actors or actresses who act in front of the camera and behave entirely different when off screen, she never pretends like that. Well? Good enough to be Katniss? And then Josh Hutcherson, our Peeta. Funning was that when he was first chosen as Peeta, so many fans opposed to the final choice…and their reason was “not tall enough,” “not handsome enough.” All right, perhaps he wasn’t so tall…but he wasn’t really short at all!!! The reason why he looks so short was because Jennifer Lawrence and Lian Hemsworth were both taller…and especially Jennifer Lawrence wears high heels. As for the “handsome” part…really? Does that really matter much? After all…people aren’t perfect! How can we judge his performance by facial impression? What makes him a perfect Peeta is his personality. According to every actor that has worked with him before, Josh Hutcherson was a funning guy, and it’s great to work with him. So? Isn’t that the very reason that Peeta can attract so many sponsors? And makes him one of the favorite of the capital? Now, for Lian Hemsworth…it appears that no judgement for this choice. Well…I didn’t really pay much attention to him in the movie…since the first book is mainly about Katniss and Peeta. But as you look more, you’ll find him expressed Gale really well. In the book, Gale was placed a huge burden to support his family, besides that, his attitude toward Katniss was unrecognizable. And I think Lian Hemsworth plays that well. We can see the struggle of Gale and his emotion when he saw Katniss and Peeta.
  As for the second reason…which must be a terrible one. But in every Hunger Game movie, an original song was made, and each of them was a success. In this one, the awesome song is…SAFE AND SOUND by Taylor Swift!!! So great!!! The song is a bit gray, but it brings out the scene of Hunger Game. How the movie feels and how the emotion presents. So…just go and watch the movie!!! Even you don’t like Hunger Game…you must leave out the song!!!


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