Problems of going to a bookstore/visiting an online bookstore

Problems of going to a bookstore/visiting an online bookstore
  Well...I believe these are some huge problems when all book lovers visit a great book store!!! Ahh!!! As you might know...or not, I just finished my exam recently, so in order to relax myself, I visit a bookstore, E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y. But yesterday, something terrible just happened!!! Ahh!!! 
1. New books are here!
  So the first terrible problem is that books are being published in a fast pace...and the money doesn't... That is horrible!!! Imagine looking at thousands of books and you can't buy them! Especially that most of the books I read don't appear in the library. And I hate reading feel so strange to read without touching the pages!
2. New edition is published... the problem I found recently. About three months ago, I brought The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. And then...I found that new cover edition was published and it's so beautiful!!! Ahh!!! I love the new version of the book. And I know that The Song of Ice and Fire Chinese edition had changed as well...and apparently, those books' covers just became more beautiful than usual.
3. To-read list keep growing!!!
  My to-read list at first...40 books, and after those days wondering around bookstores and online grows dramatically. Can it ever be possible to finish? The answer is NO!!! And I believe the list will keep growing...and with new books being published...well...let's say I already have a vision of thousands of books in the to-read list.
  So...those are the reading problems when I visit a might has more trouble...but that's all I can figure now. And to be honest...they are enough for me to worry. Tell me about your trouble when you go to bookstores! Let's see if we share the same problems! And perhaps I can write about the happiness of visiting bookstores!


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