Mockingjay Movie Part 1

Mockingjay Part 1
Director: Francis Lawrence
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Lian Hemsworth
  Are you, are you, coming to the tree
  There strung up a man who said who murder three
  Strange thing could happen here no stranger would it be
  If we met at midnight in the hanging tree…

  What a lovely song…isn’t it? Died man, hanging tree, speaking died body…wooh…terrifying. But the song is awesome!!! Remember what I’ve told you in Hunger Game? That every song in this series’ movie is great? Now this time, this song is fantastic! Hanging tree is the song that Katniss’s father used to sing to her, and when he sang, every bird stopped to listen. And it would become the song for revolution!!! Before watching the movie, I’ve heard this song, and I just keep repeating and repeating. And I even found the music score of this song!!! Whenever I play it, I just recall all the exciting, happy, sad moment of the movie. 
  All right, let’s talk this movie seriously. 
  This movie is full of screaming, death and blood… 
  Of course not! Mockingjay part 1 is the most political one of all!!! No fighting, nothing. Only a few bombs, let’s all. While part two is mostly about their survival, part one emphasis on emotion, political, and how Katniss Everdeen changed. However, as usual, the movie follows the book perfectly. No dramatic different, no awful changes. And of course, perfect characters. Although we got nothing really entertaining…compared to the previous movie, we did have excellent actors to play those part. The dipper the movie is, the harder will it be for the actors. They must express the characters’ feeling, emotion, and their fate. In this movie, we get to see district 13 for the first time, the district which was supposed to be ruined. It was a district underground, a district that hidden from the capital, hidden from President Snow. We watch how all the rebellion worked underground, genius from every district. They made weapons, defense systems, support the resist of the people… and of course, our Mockingjay. We can see Katniss’s reaction when she saw the ruined district. Why? Because only by that, Katniss would be able to speak as a Mockingjay, speak what her heart told her. That is the only way to motivate everyone. To me, this movie isn’t about fighting or excitement, but a pass to the new world, a mirror that reflect the country’s awfulness. We would be moved when we saw the terrible collapse of some districts, and the brutal of the President. We could see hope in this movie, and true friendship and sisterhood. How friends helped each other from numerous trouble, how sisters supported themselves, and how happiness grew while the entire world was in the dark. Even though the movie was unlike every other movie among the series: no Hunger Game, no fancy dresses, no star-cross lover. But it’s this movie that makes us know the characters better, know the changing of the Panem. 
  So…I’m speechless now…why not watch the movie again and find out what I’m saying? Maybe you’ll know what to say for me!


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