Maleficent (2014)

Directed by: Robert Stromberg
Starring: Angelina Jolie,Sharlto Copley

  So…just before Cinderella, the first live-action movie is Maleficent!!! But unlike most of the Disney movies, this one focuses on the villain. As you can see from the title, Maleficent, not Sleeping Beauty. And I believe that from the recent movie of Disney, no matter live-action, animate or original movies are all started to changer their perspective. The main point of the plots don’t just emphasize on romance, instead, we get to see more. True love kiss may not be given by the prince, and the action of love might not be true love kiss. I think this is great! Since we no longer believe that women or girls should stay at home, waiting for her mate to come. Now we mostly agree that women are as capable as men, we can do everything men can do. So, why can’t we change the perspective of movie? Everyone both get goodness and darkness, is what we choose that matters. (Is that from Sirius Black? Something likes that…)

  Now, time for the movie!!! Yeah!!! From the beginning, we follow Maleficent in the enchanting forest…which I forget the name. Something started with M… Then she met a human boy, and gradually, they became childhood sweetheart. Even though one of them is fair, and one human, nothing can stop them…except for human’s greedy. As years past, Stephan, the boy, served besides the king and seldom visit Maleficent anymore. But then one day, the king asked his knife to kill Maleficent…there are some hatred between the king and Maleficent…I’m not going to explain her. The king promised that no matter who killed her, will be the heir of the throne and married her daughter. As you can guess…will perhaps no one will believe that how terrible will be when a person was blinded by greedy. Stephan found Maleficent, the chatted for a long time that Maleficent forgave him for not coming for so long. When she slept, Stephan cut down her wings and returned to the castle. Horrible huh? And that’s when Maleficent changed. Her wings were so big that they could carry her above the clouds and flew with the wind…but now, all gone. In the castle, Stephan successfully became the King and had a daughter after his marriage. Then as you all know, Maleficent appeared once again in his daughter’s christening, for revenge. Once again? Yes, after her wings were cut, she hid herself, and when she came out once more, she was more powerful than before, but darker as well.
  Back to the christening, everyone knows that Maleficent cursed the child right? So the king gave her daughter to the fairies to hide in the forest, where they hope that the magic couldn’t harm her. Can the magic hurt her…? Of course not! During the christening, Maleficent ensure that Aurore’s childhood would be full of happiness that no harm should ever come to her. And guess who fulfilled all the promise? Maleficent!!! You might ask why a villain would protect a child, especially the one she hated the most? That’s, what different from the original story. In the movie, Maleficent wasn’t merely present as a brutal villain, instead, she was like all of us: kind, happiness, bad all combined in her. Her act was to protect her beloved homeland from invaders, and she can be blinded by hatred when her most treasure possession was taken. What’s more, she could be as a mother as well. She took care Aurore for her entire childhood, until her sixteenth birthday, the day that Prince Philippe came. Well…Aurore didn’t actually sleep for a hundred year in this movie…so… Well, back to Maleficent, her hatred toward Aurore was gradually dismissed by their interaction. Aurore was just like Maleficent once: innocent, kind and lovely. Her emotions changed through the movie, and that’s what the movie was well present.
  In the old movie, Maleficent was described as brutal, cruel, like all of the other villains. But now, when we look from her heart, we could see a different world: the broken heart of a fairy, who learned to stand up for herself. Well…that doesn’t mean that her curse was right. But nevertheless, the original fairytale can be retold, can see from a whole new perspective. The King can be awful, the villain can be nice. Honestly, I believe the poorest character in the movie was the queen…she didn’t do anything wrong but be forced to keep away from Aurore…no to mention that Stephan gone mad in the end. Poor queen.
  Besides the character part…I would like to speak the scenes with you. The forest was enchanted, beautiful. But I believe that you aren’t surprise by that. As for the costumes…expect for Maleficent’s, others’ costumes weren’t really so impressive at all. Of course they were delicate and well made…but if you compared to Cinderella…not so WOW.
  So, ready to watch this classic movie in a complete different way? It’s definitely not a bad one, if you know where to put your eyes on.


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