By Heather Dixon
  What if the world holds more dangerous—and more wonders—than we have ever known?
  What if there were more than one world?
  It is an absolutely great story!!! Although you might be hold back by those negative review…but believe me…the book is awesome!!! It isn’t like Entwined, which is a fairytale retelling, full of romance, beautiful scenes, and all those enchanting stuff. Instead, Illusionarium is rather a dark story, full of darkness and adventures. But still, it draws you inside the magical world where several dimensions exist.
  Far, far north, in the cold aerial city of Fata Morgana, apprentice scientist Jonathan is preparing to leave for university. 
  He doesn’t know about fantillium, the newly discovered chemical that allows people to share hallucinations—sometimes wondrous ones, sometimes appalling.
  He doesn’t know he holds the rare skill to control the halluncinations—to become an illusionist.
  He doesn’t know that fantillium can also open gateways to parallel worlds. Or that he will soon begin an epic journey, crossing cities and worlds, to save his family, his friends, and his very reality.
  He doesn’t know any of that…yet.
  And when he does, will his compass continue to point true north? Or will it break apart?
  As I mentioned above, many negative praises were given to this book…and apparently to me…not at all. Maybe most of them expect to read something like Entwined…such a beautiful fairytale retelling, which is also the very reason I fell in love with retelling. At first, like many other, I was expecting another beautiful story, however, when I read the summery…it occurred to me that this isn’t one of them. And then when I started the story…well…shame to admit…it was so hard for me to understand the story at first. Those…umm…words were especially strange. So now…let’s begin with the story! Jonathan’s father was the second best scientist in the country, and he was his father’s apprentice. And who was the best scientist? Lady Florel. Yet…she was in prison. She was Lady Floral, but she wasn’t her as well…according to Jonathan’s father. And why was that? Jonathan was about to find out! The father and son became the extra helper of Lady Floral, but before they teamed up, they must first try the fantillium. Ah! Almost forget, all of those were about finding the antitoxin of Venen, which was a terrible disease that infected only women. By the way…why does every disease in the book starts with black fingers, black spreading through the entire body, and most important of all…only causes a few day to infect the entire body until…until…died. Never mind…after Jonathan tried the fantillium, he found himself an illusionist. With this rare ability, he could create things with all the chemical ingredient. Well of course, it wasn’t real, after the fantillium released, those images disappeared. But then terrible things happened, Jonathan’s mother and sister was also infected, to save them, Jonathan brought Lady Florel out of the prison…which leaded to his miserable life… he was brought to Nod’ol, an exactly same city as Arthurise. There, he was forced to illusion in exchange for the antitoxin. But he discovered some secret, and to protect the girl who looked like her sister, he started his escape. What Jonathan didn’t know is that he processed a great power, and he might be one of the most powerful people to do so, yet ever power came with an effort, the more he use…he would become something else.
  Heather Dixon is good at creating dark story, but at the same time, they are incredibly enchanting. Those scenes which were described look vivid and attract the reader even more. To me, the world of Illusionarium was well illustrated, and all those mystery seems alive. Besides, you’ll be awe of all those chemical knowledge and the creation. Plus, the author well described Jonathan as a compass, and point north, will be his right decision. Well…you can saw some of the familiar part with Entwined. When Azalea’s entire story seems to rely on the silver handkerchief, compass becomes the most part of the story. However, you won’t read compass as much as the handkerchief, but till the last, you’ll know how important it’ll become. It’s needless to say that I really enjoy this story, and I hope that I can read more about it, just like how I was fascinated by Entwined. Go read the book if you like science, magic, several dimension…you won’t regret it!!! Don’t be affect by the review!!! And the last warning…it isn’t like Entwined at all!!!

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