February Book Haul

February Book Haul
  Happy Chinese New Year!!! No matter you celebrate it or not, I think it’s great for a new start, isn’t it? So…what’s the best way to spend your entire red envelop? (Of course, besides saving them…) Buy lots of lots of books!!! (Although in order to buy the complete series of All Soul Trilogy, I’m already in debt…) And now…I’m going to reveal all the books I’ve bought for February!!! (Drum roll please.)

1. Once
    By Cameron Dokey
    Well…this book isn’t originally in my to-but list, but I know this book on the website, for a vote that was going to choose the best dress on the cover. And Once is one of them. Then when I visit the bookstore, it was on sale…and it is a fairytale retelling…so I couldn’t possibility resist it…could I? So I bought the book…and found myself terribly being dragged into it. This book contains three fairytale retelling: Before Midnight (Cinderella), Golden (Rapunzel), and Wild Orchid (Mulan). And of course what you can expected soon is the upcoming review!!!
2. Kissed
    By Cameron Dokey
    Just right after I finish the 600 pages Once in one night…I knew I mustn’t leave out Kissed, which also contains three retelling: Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Sunlight and Shadow (Well…I have no idea which retelling it is…but I’ll tell you as soon as I find out.), and Winter’s Child (Still…don’t know? Sorry guys…I’m a terrible blogger…) I haven’t get the book yet, I just order the book yesterday, but I’m so anticipate for this one!!! Cameron Dokey is a great fairytale retelling author!
3. Once Again
    By Cameron Dokey & Liz Braswell
    I know I know, another retelling!!! This is the month for retelling!!! I just went to the bookstore after I finish Once, and guess what? Once Again is also on sale!!! And it’s cheaper than the online bookstore…so…I just couldn’t resist it. Originally I planned to buy it after I get Kissed…but we can never know what will happen in the bookstore!!! Ahh!!! This book has two retelling: Snow (Snow White) and Beauty Sleep (Sleeping Beauty). And I finish the book yesterday…so…behold, the Once Again review!
4. Percy Jackson’s Greek Hero
    By Rick Riordan
    This book is in Chinese version…I suppose to get the English one, but the hardcover edition of Chinese is so beautiful that I couldn’t resist. 
5. The Stormlight Archive: Words of Radiance
    By Brandon Sanderson
    I also got this in the Chinese version, and have an interesting story with this book. Held by the publisher, we have an entire celebration for Brandon Sanderson’s books. Each of the series contains metal bookmark, which was delicate and beautiful, a valuable collection for all Brandon Sanderson’s reader. And after four years of waiting, it’s time for The Stormlight Archive series to have the second book in Chinese, and this time, the book is contained with the metal bookmark. (I know the English version was already published…but…I want the Chinese edition so much that I didn’t order it.) On February fifth, the day when the book would be published, I walked through every bookstore to find the book with bookmark. And why? Because the bookmark has only 500 pieces, and it will be place at random bookstore. And I received the “random” part until I visit the bookstore. So at first, I started with the big one…and nope. There was no book contained the bookmark. But I’m not giving up like that, so I called every bookstore in Kaohsiung. (Oh! Don’t be panic, the bookmark was only sale in one particular bookstore…but that brand has five stores in Kaohsiung…) Besides that, I walk from north Kaohsiung to southern part of it…finally, I found that the one near my home had the bookmark. Such a long journey right? What’s ironic is that I thought that since the bookstore was so small, the bookmark couldn’t possibility lied in there, so I left it till the last. And it seems that I’ve turn a huge circle for it. I’m so determinate…after hearing this, my mother said that if I have this kind of spirit when I’m studying…I can apply for the medical school. (Thankfully that my first choice isn’t medical school…hahahaha!)
6. The Remnant Chronicles: The Kiss of Deception
    By Mary E. Pearson
    I’ve always wanted to buy this book, but I’m a little hesitated by the “love triangle” that I heard will happen. But then…now the third book is going to be published in 2016, I think I should buy it now. So…wait, and wait, and wait.
7. The Siren
    By Kiera Cass
    Yeah!!! This book is one of the most anticipated books in my 2016 book list!!! And now I can finally get it!!! What’s more, I heard that it was on the number one list of hardcover YA book on New York time list… (Whatever the Column is.) on top of that, we must heard the song for the book trailer!!! It is so beautiful!!!
8. Cruel Beauty
    By Rosamund Hodge
    This book has also been on my to-read list for ages as soon as I found out that this was a Beauty and the Beast retelling…and now, it’s time for you to shine!!!
9. The Lunar Chronicles: Cress
    By Marissa Meyer
    Just not far before, I post the review of Cinder, and you’ll know how much I love it. And now, time for Cress!!! I can’t wait for it to arrive!!! And shame to admit…I’ve already read the ending of this book and Scarlet. And I can’t no longer wait for it!!! Ah!!! Give me the book now!!!
10. The Lunar Chronicles: Scarlet
      By Marissa Meyer
      You might ask me…why do I place Scarlet after Cress, since they are the third book and the second book. Well…what you don’t know is that I type the part of Scarlet ten minutes after I finish Cress. But the problem is, why? Because I’m such an idiot!!! Ah!!! I was originally going to buy Scarlet…but I put the wrong item into the carriage! I put Cress instead of Scarlet! So…in these ten minutes…I have to set another order to buy Scarlet. What. An. Idiot. Otherwise, I’ll have to read Cress before I read Scarlet. Now…I’ll just have to hope that I’ll have enough money to pay the bill…or…I must cancel the order…
So, that’s all for February! Such a large book Haul! Unfortunately, The Spy’s Devotion by Melanie Dickerson must wait until March…or I can’t have the discount. That’s all for February! I hope that I can finish them before the class start…


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