Cinderella Live-Action Movie (2015)

Cinderella 2015
Directed by: Kenneth Branagh
Starring: Cate Blanchett,Lily James

  As you might notice, I've post some new fairytale retelling series. So I want to do one of my favorite movies in 2015 as well! The live-action movie of Cinderella!!! Yeah!!! I've waited for so long for this movie to release. As soon as the news was out, I follow everything on Facebook. And now, it was almost a year since the movie came out!!! Let's celebrate the anniversary!!! Yeah!!! (Just an horrible excuse to write a review for something that was so long ago.)

  Although I was never a fan of original Cinderella movie (It was so old and...a kind of boring. Like...a girl do all the chores until a prince came?)  , I love the live-action movie furiously. The scenes, the costumes, the plots...everything was awesome!!! And what's more...the entire movie was basically all blue!!! What kind of reason is that? Oh! I love everything in blue: clothes, bookcases, food, shoes, bags... My closet has no color except blue and black. All right, enough of my clothes, back to the wonderful movie!!!
  So from the beginning, we can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, with Ella and her parents having fun and lovely life. Everything was perfect...well...except that her mother died too soon. Ella's father was a merchant, so he was often not home. Ella and her father supported each other, and then on day...her father re-married. And we all know...that's the nightmare started. Well...not yet, not until her father died. As soon as her father's death, her stepmother used her as a servant. She was treated everyone knows. Then during one occasion, she could no longer stand for stepmother and sisters. She ran to the forest and escaped from all the misery. There, she met a stag. What? Not what you are expecting? Well...that's true...but what I didn't say was that she met the Prince right after she met the stag. That's what you're anticipated for? Sorry guys, but the stag was more beautiful than the Prince...just kidding. The Prince hid his identity and said that he was merely an apprentice. But then when he returned the castle, he asked the King to invite all the girls in the kingdom to the ball. And you shall know why. Back to Ella, or she was now Cinderella. Of course her stepsisters got all the finest dresses and jewels...and she got none. When the day came, Ella wept beside the well and said she shall no longer believe in magic or kindness or courage. But then BLOOM! An old lady appeared.
  Though I believe that everyone knows Cinderella very well...I still write a pot of plots about it. Now, what's great about the movie? Cinderella live-action tells us a lot details that didn't appeared in the animate one. Such as "Have courage and be kind," the main point throughout the whole movie. The movie explains why Ella is welling to stay and endure all the unkind treatment. Besides that, unlike what we used to know, the fairy godmother appeared out of now where and helped her to win the Prince's heart, in the 2015 movie, Ella and the Prince met first, and they was attracted by each other not only because beauty and handsome, but for their heart. In addition to that, her godmother didn't help her just because she wanted to win the prince's heart, but for her kindness and love. And Ella also knew the important if being herself, not just hid behind the beautiful gown.
  Ahh! Time for the costumes!!! As well all know, the high light if this movie is lavish, lovely, magnificently,  wonderfully, extraordinary, awesomely, perfectly gown and glass slippers. (I can no longer think of other words...) The gown has embroidered tens of thousands of crystal on it, and the beautiful color... (Swoon...)  Once you've look at that dress, you cannot put your sight away. That is beyond description. Than the glass slippers, WOW. The shoes are made if Swarovski crystal. It glimpse in under the light and...swoon... Until now, my twitter page is still the picture of the glass slippers. Unfortunately, as beautiful as it seems...the shoes don't fit. Not just Lily one can where the shoes. The part that she wears the shoes was all made by the computer. Sigh...but it's still beautiful, absolutely. And I know Amazon had once sold the shoes...for 10,000 US dollars. For one shoe. Well...there is no way that I can get the shoes expensive!!! By the way, there is show? that was held for the movie. Eight shoes designers were asked to design their glass slippers...and awesome!!! Most of the shoes look especially beautiful!!! Perhaps we can get those shoes instead. (But I’ve heard nothing that those shoes will be on shelf.) Besides shoes, there is also a competition for Cinderella's morsel ball gown as well...but not as impressive as the shoes. Almost forget, the wedding dress!!! Beautiful, lovely!!! It is embroider with flowers, as lovely as Ella. And if you're interesting with it, Disney can make one for you! Wonderful huh?
    So, are you interesting with the movie now? Go and what it!!! Just the gown will be worth if watching the movie!!!
The Exhibition of Cinderella's Morden Glass Slippers

Our lovely Glass Slippers

The wedding gown


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