Catching Fire Movie

Catching Fire

Director: Francis Lawrence 

Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth 

  Drum rolls please…the 75th Hunger Game!!! Remember how The Girl on Fire impresses us by her amazing mineral clothes and her awesome fire dress? Now, with the coming of 75th Hunger Game and victory tour, more Cinna’s amazing dresses are here!!! But I suppose…that isn’t a good thing? At least, not for Katniss. But to be honest, her dress in Hunger Game is only half amazing compared to Catching Fire. Why? Remember that in the book, her dress, the red gown was “look like on fire when she turns” not actually on fire…although we all need a bit of special effect in movie, but the clothes isn’t like what I’ve imagine. Yet…whatever… We get something better this time!!!

  At the beginning, we can see Katniss still hunted by the nightmare and how she felt about shouting. Then the victor tour was there, we can see how people react when they speak, how they want to hear the truth about their feeling. Not just some rubbish for the president. What’s more, the revolution or growing larger and larger. Next, the feast with President Snow!!! To me, it’s always so exciting to see how their technology is and how strange can the capital wear. During the feast, not only the costumes are extremely fancy, but also their makeup. Take Effie’s eyelashes for a closer look, you’ll find the details really delicate. And I know that after the movie, many girls like to wear that kind of eyelashes during special occasions. So? Such a powerful influence! But it’s really beautiful…just forget the part that they often dree up too…weird. Also, the technology they use in communication, the little screen is cool as well. I don’t know whether that is real or just special effect…but…still great to see such technology in the movie. And now, my favorite part! The 75th annual Huger Game!!! Since it is the special ceremony, everything is bigger, as well as their training section. When Katniss and Peeta went in by the carriage…the costumes…WOW! The dress on Katniss just brings out her dark personality. (And of course you all know…Peeta’s costumes aren’t as impressive as Katniss…just well…matched hers.) And her wedding dress? Fantastic! Unlike the usual gown we see: lovely, gorgeous, and romantic, Katniss’s wedding dress must add one more thing: the weirdness of capital. Along with her hair style, her wedding dress just looks between normal and…umm…creative. And upon mentioning the wedding dress, you must all curious about the “Mockingjay” part. Only few words: Just look like a bird. Katniss looked like the king of the bird when the fire burned out and she stood among all the audience with her proud, like “I’m the Mockingjay!” but of course, everything comes with a price, you want to wear like that…President Snow wouldn’t do nothing about it. Skip back to the training section, as I told you above, new technologies are provided for the tribute, and we ought to see how Katniss made good use of them and impress all opponents. And then…the Hunger Game…well…I think it is just the same as the first movie…nothing really special. What I mean the same isn’t that the arena looks exactly the same…but just…hum…nothing really interesting…so…What’s next? What’s the special for 75th Hunger Game?

  Now, let’s talk about the actors…needled to say…wonderful acting. You ought to see how Jennifer Lawrence acts more emotionally, how she acts when Katniss expresses her weakness, her strength and her feeling for Peeta. As for Josh Hutcherson and Lian Hemsworth…well just like the first movie, they are great. But what I’m talking about isn’t them. As the new Hunger Game is coming, we can see new actors play the tribute, and who would be the one that everyone anticipate for? Finnick Odair! Why? Because he was described so handsome in the book that every girl and women in the capital swoons for him. And we can even see the movie producer chose the actor! We could see so many handsome actors waiting for the audience, and how they manage to find the perfect one. (I originally hope that Jake Abel can be chosen…but unfortunately, he was only in the waiting line…that’s alright, he’ll always be a perfect Ian for me.) And guess who gets the part? Sam Claflin! He is really great at playing Finnick, I think. Just look at the way he speak with Katniss for the first time, you’ll know how well he plays the part.

  Ready to see all those new tributes in the 75th Hunger Game? You won’t be regretted! Everything is just bigger and larger than the first movie. And you can also see more emotion stuff and political things in Catching Fire too! I just love that!


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