The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (The Twilight Saga Sequel)

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
By Stephenie Meyer
  Well...what to say...this is the exact example of not so good short story... I know that some people like this book as much as Twilight...but...for's kind of boring.
  Fans of The Twilight Saga will be enthralled by this riveting story of Bree Tanner, a character first introduced in Eclipse, and the darker side of the newborn vampire world she inhabits.
  Bree Tanner can barely remember life before she had uncannily powerful senses, superhuman reflexes, and unstoppable physical strength. Life before she had a relentless thirst for before she became a vampire.

 All Bree knows is that living with her fellow newborns has few certainties and even fewer rules: watch your back, don't draw attention to yourself, and above all, make it home by sunrise or die. What she doesn't know: her time as an immortal is quickly running out.
   Then Bree finds an unexpected friend in Diego, a newborn just as curious as Bree about their mysterious creator, whom they only know as her. As they come to realize that the newborns are pawns in a game larger than anything they could have imagined, Bree and Diego must choose sides and decide whom to trust. But when everything you know about vampires is based on a lie, how do you find the truth?
  In another irresistible combination of danger, mystery, and romance, Stephenie Meyer tells the devastating story of the newborn army as they prepare to close in on Bella Swan and the Cullens, following their encounter to its unforgettable conclusion.
  In this book, we can see inside the world of those...umm...bloody? vampires. We can understand how their world work, unlike the Cullens, they...aren't civilize...they follow their animal instinct. So...blood, blood, blood. But what I expected from Stephenie Meyer's book is her romance. (Although I don't especially like Twilight...and both Edward and Jacob don't really attract me...still it's a romance that I was expecting.) However, Bree's short life has nothing to do with love or attraction or something like that. Besides, the short story isn't so entertaining. Not like The Assassin's Blade with so many adventures. Oh my god…this might be the shortest review I’ve ever write…but unfortunately…how can I write so much when I didn’t like the book?


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