The Ranger’s Apprentice: The Icebound Land (The Ranger’sApprenticeSeries 3)

The Ranger’s Apprentice: The Icebound Land
By John Flanagan
  The third book is here! Oh My God it's getting more and more exciting!!! Yeah!!! Go Will and Evanlyn!!! The plots...please don't let anything happen to them!!! It seems that Will was meant to attract trouble...
  Kidnapped after the fierce battle with Lord Morgarath, Will and Evanlyn are bound for Skandia as captives aboard a fearsome wolfship. Halt has sworn to rescue Will, and he will do anything to keep his promise–even defy his King. Expelled from the Rangers he has served so loyally, Halt is joined by Will's friend Horace as he travels toward Skandia. On their way, they are challenged constantly by freelance knights–but Horace knows a thing or two about combat. Soon he begins to attract the attention of knights and warlords for miles around with his uncanny skill. Even so, will they be in time to rescue Will from a horrific life of slavery?

  The story started with Halt, he tried to drunk himself...and said a lot of terrible things about The King. Well...sorry King Duncan...we all know you're a good king, but we shouldn't blame Halt as well. Why is that? I think we all know that insulting the King was like commit a crime in the past. Halt wished to go and rescue Will, but Morgarath's remain fellow was still alive. And lots of thieves robbed the passing traveler in the name of his. Yet as a vital Ranger, seize him was the prime thing that Halt should do. Thank god that Halt was such an important, valuable person in the kingdom, so Duncan only punished him... And then we follow Will and Evanlyn, who were captured by the Skandian. Of course, Will would try to escape, however, if he succeed...there will be no story to continue? need to read yourselves to make sure of whether he had escaped. (I think I'm making circle...escape, failure, escape, failure...) But something horrible would happen to Will and Evanlyn, and thy must be brave and smart to pass all those difficulties. Back to Halt, who successfully set off his journey to rescue Will. He had a company...Gilan? Horace? Well...both of them wanted to go, but Halt only took one. He took the one who could use sword...are you kidding Vivian? Both of them can use sword!!! But why did Halt need a person with sword? So that he could pretend as a knight!!! (Actually...that wasn't his plan at first...but during the journey, that happened.) I'll leave the mystery to you, so you'll have some surprise when you read the book. (Umm...did the summery mention? I'm not sure...)
  Now, as you might know...time for new characters!!! The Ranger's Apprentice is such a huge series, so there are a lot of new characters in every book. Before introducing them, Evanlyn's greatest identity was revealed!!! I know I know that we already knew in the second book, but Will didn't! Did he? So just imagine when he heard the new...yet what they didn't expect is that her identity will bring her grave danger. Alright! Now for new ones! Erak, the Skandian. As we all know he was introduced in The Burning Bridge, but only a little. My favorite moment about him is that he argued with Morgarath with his title. Well…not everyone dare to have a conflict with him…apparently, he was one of the people. He is one of the important people in Skandia. He was kind to Will and Evanlyn. Well…not like he was treating guests, after all they were slaves. But as the story kept going on, you can saw him admire Evanlyn’s bravely and Will’s skill. He wanted to cherish them, and he knew they would be in good use…so he managed to let them stay together. But then… Never mind, although he first appeared as Morgarath’s fellow, yet during their shipping back to Skandia, we can found…umm…kindness? in this huge Skandian (huh…they were all huge and mighty…and good at axes.)  Now that we’ve been introduced with Erak, I should probably tell you about the Skandia. Skandian are bond with the ocean, they were like pirate around the sea, but they were different. Skandia usually set sail to village to…supply their needs. They were all great warriors, who were good at fighting, and their vows were unbreakable. Once you had a Skandian vow for you, you would never had to worry they broke their promise. By the way…a little spoiler I though, Skandia would become important in the following books!!! Not just the third and the forth book!!! Yeah!!! And they had their own series called Brotherband!!! I might as well introduce it after The Ranger’s Apprentice series. Ready to get a better knowledge about the Skandian?


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