Sun & Moon, Ice & Snow (Extra Review)

Sun & Moon, Ice & Snow (Extra) 
  Almost forget another fairytale retelling in this amazing story. The one that I missed is the part that The Lass's father found gold and money in the tree. To me, the story is original in Japan, a fairy tale called Bamboo Princess. I'm not sure whether it's the English name or not, at least that's what translated from Chinese. 
  There was a couple who wished for children, however, they couldn't bear a child. The husband was a woodcutter, one day, while he was cutting a bamboo wood, something strange happened. A girl infant just lay on the edge of the bamboo. The woodcutter was so happy that after all those times praying for a child from the god, it finally granted them with a beautiful baby...although it was a bit out of surprised. The kind couple raised the child, and through the following day, whenever the wood cutter cut the bamboos, something amazing always happened. First gold, then fabric for clothes, and sometime money...with all those properties, the couple no longer have to worried about the living spend since they weren't very wealthy. 
  When the baby grew up, she became a beautiful woman. Kings and princes from all over the world all wished to marry her. However, the young lady seem to have no interested in them and would rather stay company with her parents, she never spoke to them neither had she saw them in person. But those kept staying outside, hoping to see her in person. In order to dismiss them, the lady sent words to them that brought her an unexpected gift. The one which amazed her the most will get the chance to marry her. Those princes and kings set off to a journey, when some of them successfully come back, and presented her the gifts. 
  As you can guess...she rejected them all. The gifts were all rare and special, but since she had no intended to marry... Few day passed, while it was getting full moon, the princess became sad and speechless. The couple didn't know why...until the full moon. A list of guard came to their home and asked to take the princess back. Not knowing what was happening, the couple was terrified. But then the lady came out and explained everything. She was the princess on the moon, and she made a mistake which the punishment was to live on Earth for eighteen years. Now, the time had come, the princess must return to her home and united with her people. After saying goodbye and thanks for the couple for all those year taking care of her, the princess fly out to the moon, along with all those guards behind her.
  That's the story of Bamboo Princess…I hope you enjoy it as well as you enjoy the Sun & Moon, Ice & Snow. Amazing book isn't it? I can now tell you that there are numerous fairytale stories that contain in it and from all over the world! Perhaps maybe I'll find another one in it while I re-read it!


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