Shades of Doon (Doon Series 3)

Shades of Doon 
By Carey Corp & Lorrie Longdon
Oh My God! Oh My God! I was completely fallen in love with Doon!!! (Screaming~) My emotion kept flying up and down with the plots. Sigh~ I just love this book... I must say...Doon is one of my favorite series till now. Every one should read it!!! Ahhhhh!!!!! I kept laughing and sobbing when I read the book, but when I'm not reading it, I still kept smiling for the wonderful story. I have mention before that I prefer Vee & Jamie than Kenna & Duncan...but I was wrong! They are both so great and cute!!! (Maybe still love Vee and Jamie a little bit better...but...) So, what are we waiting for? Let's read the summery!!! Ahhh!!!!

  After cheating death, Veronica Welling is determined to savor every moment in her idyllic kingdom with both her true love and best friend by her side at last. At the same time, Mackenna Reid is enthusiastically building her new life and a theater with her prince. But just as their dreams of happiness are within reach, the world Vee and Kenna have chosen is ripped away, leaving them to face their most horrific challenge yet—their old lives.
  Thrust out of Doon, the best friends are confronted with tormentors from their past and no way to return to their adopted land. When the brothers MacCrae rush to their rescue, the girls’ situation turns from nightmare to modern-day fairy tale. But their happiness could be short lived: unbeknownst to them, someone in their closest circle is aiding the witch of Doon in her bid to destroy the kingdom once and for all.
  That's really a modern-day fairy tale!!! I just love the part when Jamie and Duncan came to the rescue!!! They are so cute...ahh!!! I need to borrow Jamie from Vee!!! And not just for one day, but forever...hahaha if that's possible. I think I'll never hate this book even it gives us a cliffhanger. So the start of the story didn't begin with Veronica's faint. We can see her recovery!!! Yeah!! All hi Queen Veronica!!! Well...but it seemed that the problem wasn't gone yet...she still felt dizzy. Besides, Vee and Kenna kept seeing cars, trucks which shouldn't appear in Doon. Then...they were transported back to modern world!!! And twice!!! No!!! The first time they was only appeared at Scotland...and they were wearing the rings. But the second time...oh oh...huge problem. They were back in America!!! And with no ID, no cellphone and no money. I believe that Kenna had a better situation than Veronica. Veronica must stay at her mother's place along with her horrible boyfriend. She met Stephanie, who was her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend now. Fortunately, Kenna managed to find Vee and then the second day that they were transported back...the MacCraes came!!! Oh! My! God! That was so awesome! Especially when Keenan met Duncan, and Vee met Jamie...that moment was...Sigh~ 
  During their time waiting for the plane, they went shopping! Can you imagine two hot Scottish in mall!!! And that was Jamie's first time in it turns out...he ate too much and had a stomachache. Well that...I don't blame him...since junk food tastes usually better. By the way...they really spent a lot in the mall!!! I know they are rich but...thousands of dollars? Cars? Finest hotel? Private jet?! I guess Queen and Prince deserve the best. And then Vee and Jamie went to the party while Kenna and Duncan went to Chicago. Nothing really happen when Kenna and Duncan visit Chicago, just showed us how sweet Duncan was, while Vee and Jamie...they had quite a night. The party was like the movie "Bring It On All Or Nothing" the scene when the previous cheerleader captain went back to the school prom and had a fight with the cheer...quite a show. But Jamie was also there to support Veronica! Besides, Vee learned to stand up for herself, so every thing turned out well.
  When they went back to Doon, they found the evil scheme of the witch...and disasters kept happening, even the Protector himself spoke to the queen of Doon! Tragedy, tragedy, tragedy. But everything will turn out right...I have the best hope. With more and more plots revealing, I found myself more indulged in the book! It's getting better! No matter is the romance, the friendship, or the mysterious. I swoon every time when I saw the couple together, they're just getting more suitable for each other. As for friendship, Vee and Kenna's sisterhood grow stronger, although there might be fight...since from sister to queen...there must be a huge change in it. Yet I know Vee will never force Kenna to do what she hated. The mysterious plot...although we can know from the beginning that their enemy was always Addie, witch of Doon, but who she is! That's the problem. The authors made a well organize on that part. To be honest, this book isn't a high fantasy or terribly romantic romance or something like that. It maybe lacks of WOW inside the plots but that is Shades of Doon's advantage. It's smooth but also fun to read, you just can't help yourselves but to laugh and cry through the characters emotion rise and fall. It's important so I'll mention again: Everyone Should Read This Series!
  Sadly, now I have to wait entire eight months for the final: Forever Doon. Release at 8/2. To relief our is the summery.

Forever Doon
  With the witch of Doon on the throne, Jamie believed dead, and Duncan and Mackenna trapped in Alloway, Veronica has no choice but to put her grief aside and prepare her remaining followers for the impending battle against the false queen and her forces. But while on a covert mission to steal a powerful elixir from the castle, Veronica discovers her true love may actually be alive, and fighting a battle of his own.
  With the Brig o’ Doon destroyed and the portal fragmented, Doon’s forces are not only divided, but also isolated in different dimensions. With the help of a storyteller as ancient as the witch herself, Kenna and Duncan learn they must rebuild the bridge to have any chance of crossing back into Doon with their ragtag army. But when Mackenna insists on fighting as well, Duncan soon realizes the only way he can ensure her safety is to turn her into a cold-hearted killer.
  For Vee, Jamie, Kenna, and Duncan, saving their kingdom while keeping their lives intact will take a miracle.
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