Mockingjay Part 2 Movie Review (Hunger Game: Mockingjay part 2)

Hunger Game Mockingjay Part 2 
Director: Francis Lawrence
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Lian Hemsworth

This will be only the movie review!!! (I’ll manage to put the book review…someday…) The latest Hunger Game!!! Ahhhh!!!! I was so excited so I decided to watch it as soon as possible...well...I know I was supposed to prepare for the exam...but how can I refuse Katniss and Peeta? That's way too impossible. It's the final of Hunger Game!!! I'm so anticipated for this one but also, sad for its release...since now we're saying goodbye with them. However, I heard that they'll be a prequel...i don't know when, but apparently according to today's news, Jennifer Lawrence will be part of the working team...just that whether she's the actor or not. Besides, there is going to be a Hunger Game theme park in Dubai!!! And it'll open in 2016 October! Oh My God! That'll be awesome!!! I still remember how excited I was when I first walked into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! It was truly amazing. I kept screaming and running around like a three years old kid. Well...Harry Potter remains my all-time favorite...
  Back to the movie! Although the Mockingjay isn't my favorite among all the books, but without doubt, the movies keep impressed me. To me, Mockingjay is more "political" than the other books, however, the movie still brought out all the exciting part inside it and turned it into the big screen. At the beginning, we started at the hospital, where the first part ended...and we get to see Prim talking with Peeta. That's a small part that is different from the book huh? It was supposed to be...I don't know what her name is...but...yeah, it shouldn't be Prim. Never mind, a small different wouldn't change the fact that it's a great movie. Then we see war, battle, Mockingjay speaking, shouting running... All of them follow the book perfectly!!! (Yes! I love those book adaptions which follow the original story lines!) And the wedding! Although it only took a little time...but still a warm scene in this bloody movie. ( blood exactly if you say...but people kept dying and being tortured!) then we movie to the project of assassin Snow. Well...I won't spoil the exciting part, but if you want to now the story, just check out the book! The movie is perfect, sad, warm...and Mockingjay! Yet there were also small part of it I didn't like. First...They deleted few parts that showed Katniss's kindness, her singing part. So we can only listen to her singing in the part one movie. (By the way, some of you may ask whether there's movie music or not...unfortunately, there isn't. But we can keep hearing those familiar music that appeared in Huger Game, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay part one. The only human voice you'll hear in the movie is till the final part, where the screen shows the actors and for what music, that it be a surprise!) Second, the mud isn't what I expected. In the original book, they were like monkey, human and keeper (Those from district 2)? (Hmm...sorry for that, since I read the Chinese version of Hunger Game, I couldn't exchange some name into English...) But in the movie...expect they were all white...they look nothing like the book's description. They looked like zombie!! was quite freaking...somehow it reminds me The Maze Runner series...the second movie of it. (With all the "zombie guys" running under the tunnel...trying to escape...blablabla.) Third...I thought we were going to see Gale and Peeta kissing? Where is that part? I was so shocked when I heard the news...since that wasn't original in the book, but still it'll be fun to see. Yet...when I finish the movie...where is it? It is gone!!! Ahhh!!! (Haha...I don't particularly love to watch boys kissing...but it'll be fun to see them do that in the film.)
  I believe that is all the complaint I can give! And there's a lot to praise the movie, like the Tigris, her makeup was extraordinary. It must take her very long to finish the it. (Perhaps she can consider joining Cats the musical after filming...) And there's no need to say how great those actors were. Everyone knows that Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect Katniss, and so are Josh Hutcherson as Peeta and Lian Hemsworth as Gale. But the supporting role: President Snow, Coin, and Boggs… were also great as well! In the last part of the movie, Coin just made herself truly a horrible villain with a great mask on her. And all those special effect in this movie...WOW! Although they were quite scary sometime...but...ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 76th Hunger Game!
  It's really a great movie. After Harry Potter, Twilight, now Huger Game, another wonderful final comes. Make sure to book the ticket right away to witness the wonder and take part in the revolution. If you haven't watched the previous movie...then go and pick them up! And make sure to watch the Mockingjay Part 2 in the theater!!! Ahhh!!!! I just love the ending!
P.S. I must finally admit that I have no resistance to happy ending and "Always" matter how I want a twisted plot...still only happy ending will satisfied me.
And for fans of Game of Thorne…we can see two actors that also play inside Hunger Game as well!!!

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