Siren (A Siren Novel 1)

By Tricia Rayburn
  I decided to start with a not so popular series...perhaps you'll see something extremely popular next time! This is the only siren novel I finish the entire series and re-read it about thousands of time. The story is just... Oh My God so great!
  Vacationing in Winter Harbor, Maine, is a tradition for Vanessa and Justine Sands, and that means spending time with the Carmichael boys. This summer, Vanessa is determined to channel some of her older sister’s boldness, get over her fear of the ocean, and maybe turn her friendship with Simon Carmichael into something much more. 

  But when Justine goes cliff-diving after a big family argument, and her body washes ashore the next day, Vanessa is sure that it was more than an accident. She is more certain of this, when she discovers that her sister was keeping some big secrets and Caleb Carmichael’s gone missing. Suddenly, the entire oceanfront town is abuzz when a series of grim, water-related accidents occur, with the male victims washed ashore grinning from ear to ear. 
  Vanessa and Simon team up to figure out if these creepy deaths have anything to do with Justine and Caleb, but what Vanessa discovers might mean the end of her summer romance, and life as she knows it. 
  Creepy death... I hate anything about "murder", but Siren makes me fall into the beautiful trap along with Vanessa and Simon. A beautiful young lady wandered around in the place where her sister died, a secret family, and the young lady's neighbor--handsome brothers. One of them happened to be her sister's former boyfriend. Sound exciting? Doesn't it? During her investigation, Vanessa thought she knew he sister quite well...but things changed, she knew she never understood her sister. What she's truly thinking. (We can never fully understand by others, can we? Just like what was said in The Golden Compass "the only person who knows me, is me and my demon." Sometime I think my mother didn't know me know...generation gap...). We can see the vulnerable side of Vanessa. She was afraid of almost EVERYTHING! Afraid of dark, lighten... Until she confess her feeling with Simon. (Swoon~) Simon always plays a brother to Vanessa...but secretly in love with her. And they save each other at last... The reason I love this book is because the dark side of it. Most of the siren novels I found put a large part inside the siren society, but this book focus on Vanessa and her normal life, how she struggled to adapt the life without her sister and her own dark mystery. I know some people might say "Vanessa spent 17 years and didn't realize you have sliver eyes?" Please...there are reasons for it! But I can't tell you exactly why...maybe they're just affected by the light! We can see a brief life inside siren, how they haunt, and what's the big secret hidden inside them. Paige, a sweet girl who became friend with Vanessa also help her with her sister's death... Because the suspect was her sister...and who she was? Find out yourselves! After reading the novel, I always feel something d~a~r~k~ when I went to the beach. They story is full of darkness, but we can always feel a glimpse of hope in it. I saw some reviews said it was horrible, and the star range wildly. But for myself, I didn't fall in love with it until years after. The first time I read this book was 7th grade? (A bit forget about the right time.) I didn't feel anything about it, just "oh it's a nice book, and I can finish the entire series" yet when I grow older and re-read it again, I was like "what am I doing before? The book is wonderful!" So perhaps you won't like it at first, but when you finish the trilogy and read it again... I know you'll feel as impress as I was. (Though...for those who don't re-read books...then you might feel...not as great as other books.) But I assure you, this is the best siren novel I read so far... I can't bear to finish the other series. So enjoy your trip to Winter Harbor...and be careful not to hurt yourselves at the cliff! 


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