Percy Jackson

New Percy Jackson Edition

Percy Jackson
By Rick Riordan
The Lightning Thief
The Sea of Monster
The Titan's Curse
The Battle of Labyrinth 
The Last Olympus

  Has anyone one here hasn't heard of Percy Jackson Series? If you haven't, please raise your hand. Oh! No one? Of course, everyone heard of it! (If you call yourself a book lover, don’t tell anyone you haven’t read it! Go straight to the nearest bookstore and finish it!) Percy Jackson series is one of the most popular books in our generation!!! And I believe, it'll pass on to the next generation and next generation and... Yes! Because it's such a great series! I love every moments that are created by Rick Riordan, and love every words said by the heroes, both funny and knowledgeable. Thanks to Percy Jackson, I quite become an expert in Greek Mythology. (Not just by reading Percy Jackson, after reading this whole series, I madly in love with all those gods and goddess. I own more than four books about Greek Mythology in my book collection!)
  To me, Percy Jackson is the best series among all of Rick Riordan’s books, better than The Heroes of Olympus, 39 Clues, and The Kane Chronicles. (They’re still good, but…not as good as Percy Jackson! Which heroine can compare to Annabeth? And with hero can be as cute and brave as Percy? Don’t tell me Jason…he can’t compare to Percy.) Also, the author created pleasant characters, I can’t find a moment to hate Percy or Annabeth, and even Luke and Kronos are likable villains. I read this whole series at about the same age as Percy and Annabeth, and I think it’s the best time to read those books, which make you feel closer to the plots and the characters (Closer to our modern world, so…maybe you read it after ten years, you won’t be as connected as now.) But even you’re older or younger than 12-16, don’t worried, you’ll still enjoy the books, cause it’s written for all ages. (Like Harry Potter!!! My all-time favorite novels.) It’s impossible for this series disappointed you, the fast pace of it will make you finish the entire series at once and want to re-read it again and again. (Not just once more!) Feel miserable at school? Percy Jackson will help you forget all those unhappy things. Join Annabeth, Percy, and Grover in Camp Half-Blood, I’m sure you’re academy life will no longer boring! 


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