Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson Series 2)

Percy Jackson : The Sea of Monster
By Rick Riordan
  The hero is back!! After a year in normal world, Percy was going back to Camp Half-Blood! But...he almost completed his whole year at the school and broke his record! (He changed a school every year...) But why doesn't he have any trouble a school? Like Annabeth, who seems to attract every monster to her school...
  In this episode, The Sea of Monsters, Percy sets out to retrieve the Golden Fleece before his summer camp is destroyed, surpassing the first book's drama and setting the stage for more thrills to come.
  This book was as great as the first one (Although I personally prefer the first one…what do you think?) Yet what I like about this book is we can not only read about Percy’s adventure, but also Clarisse played an important part! You see…a rescue doesn’t mean you have to do all the things by yourselves or something like that. Besides, Percy was totally a jerk in Tantalus’s eyes. Everybody, I believe even Percy himself think heroes should be treat like…some body. But then Chiron left, everything changed. Percy was treated like a trouble maker in the camp, let me be clear: both Percy and Annabeth. How awful! But even I hate the way they were treated; it was truly a fun thing to see heroes weren’t so popular any more. Tantalus was just like blind or being prejudiced! (Perhaps too hungry?) He basically blamed Percy for every single thing. Hahaha! And thanks him for that, Percy and Annabeth went out for another quest. Lucky for us, we got to see another adventure! Unfortunately, no Grover… we know he went out to find Pan. But that’s alright, we got Tyson! He was a strange boy who went to Percy’s normal school by help, and he went to Camp Half-Blood in an accident, in order to save Percy from the fire bull? (or the exact name of it…whatever~). In the camp, he found out who he was, and who his parents were. Without a doubt, as you can guess…a special connection with Percy! We got another son of Poseidon! However, his wasn’t a demigod, he was a Cyclops! Who was not really the most popular guy… he left the quest with Percy and was actually a great help to Percy and Annabeth. But that’ll take a long time until they realize…since Annabeth had extremely bad memory about Cyclops. If I gave The Lightning Thief 4.5 stars, The Sea of Monster can get 4 stars! I can’t tell you why I delete the 0.5 star, just compared to the first book… I think The Lightning is more entertaining? And it makes me fall in love with the whole series, so that deserves another 0.5 star. But don’t get me wrong, The Sea of Monster is still a wonderful book that all ages can enjoy and learn from it. We can once again read Percy’s bravely, Annabeth’s wisdom. (Apparently, Annabeth will always be the one with brain…) and…a satyr wearing wedding gown!!! (Read it by yourselves~) Go and read the book if you haven’t done it!

Percy Jackson : The Sea of Monster
Director: Thor Freudenthal
Starring: Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Jake Abel
  Yes! We still got the second movie after the first one’s disaster! However, it takes sooo many years to produce the second one! (Two-three years is too long for me! I need it immediately…although it’s horrible…) When the news came out, I was like “Oh my God! Please don’t let it happen once again the first film’s problem…since when have a new director.” But… (Sigh…) some people never learn…don’t they know why fans don’t like the first movie? They still change a lot of it!!! (Screaming all the way!) What the hell is happening to all those Percy Jackson’s script writer!!! Please go and check out the book, alright? You can’t just switch the plot whatever you like! For example, we can hear the prophecy which supposes to appear in the fifth book! And the movie twisted the meaning of it!!! (And so much more…)
Spoiler Warning~ Spoiler Warning~ (Just a little bit…)
And the king of Titan, Kronos just arose in this movie!!! Are you kidding me? What should happen in the movie never happen, and those shouldn’t appear appears. The only thing I love about this movie is Luke, and both Percy and Annabeth (their interaction in movie was really cute! Just like what Hermes said!) Oh My God! Luck is the main reason why I’m so desperately to watch the movie; I rush to the movie theater right after it was release. Why I’m so fond of a villain? Because Jake Abel (Luke) played Ian in the Host!!! (I just finish the Host after my high school entrance exam, and I love Ian and Wanderer so much! The Host is 100 times better than Twilight, and Ian and Wanda are 100000s times cuter than Edward and Bella…although they’re far from my favorite characters in Twilight…sorry, fan of Edward…I know there are more Edward fans than Bella fans.) So due to the reason…I’ll give this movie a star! (Not for the movie, but for Jake Abel…) The other thing I’m satisfied with is that they finally gave Annabeth the right hair color! She has blond hair! Not brown! (Even I like her in brown…I still wish I can see Annabeth in blond.)
  But, just like the first movie…those special effects are so good! They almost make me forget how horrible the movie is! (Almost…) The special effects in the movie just make it look marvelous! As much as I hate the “shouldn’t appear prophecy”, yet the way they express it is amazing! The oracle was really true to the book and the prophecy shown like glass, beautiful glass art (I don’t mind the way it was expresses, it made it more vivid); and the monster look so hideous! The teeth of it and its stomach…those special effects are really a great job! So, I have no idea whether I should hate it or love it…that depends on which side you ask me. As it turns out…the critical is still not good…for the fans of Percy Jackson. But for those who want to enjoy a Greek mythology movie… The Sea of Monster will still be a great choice. (Just like what I said about the first movie…) And because of those bad things that happen to the movie…I’ m not sure if we’ll have the third one. (The actors of Percy Jackson said the third movie won’t happen, but they changed it the other day…) (Crying.. The Titan’s Curse is my favorite book! I need the movie!!! Even it’s not Percy Jackson!) I believe we can only wait for it.


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