Dark Water (A Siren Novel 3)

Dark water
By Tricia Rayburn  
The Sea is calling, but the reluctant siren will do anything not to answer...
  Here comes the final book! I promise you, after reading this book, you'll find yourselves fall in the trap of this haunting series. (And this book doesn't need to re-read to find out those mysteries! You can enjoy Dark Water for the first time you read.) In this book, all those problems were about to solve, and you'll no longer hate Vanessa for betraying Simon... (At least I forgave her.)

  A year after the events that killed her sister and turned her into a siren, Vanessa is desperately trying to put her family back together and reclaim a “normal” life. But no matter how many times she swims or how much salt water she drinks, she can feel herself getting weaker and weaker. She has no idea how to survive as a siren and she doesn’t want to know the truth about her new discovered identity. It’s just too horrifying. 
  Back in Maine for the summer, reminders of ex-boyfriend Simon are everywhere. Vanessa loves him and would do anything to make things work. But how can she ever let him back to her life when she’s a monster who will only cause him more heartache? And how can Simon ever love her back when he learns the truth-that to stay alive Vanessa must give in to the needs of her siren self, no matter who it hurts? 
  Perhaps you still remember the previous review I said somebody complain about not knowing her eye color for seventeen years? Please...she wasn't a siren then! All right? Just like Paige, their siren forms didn't appear until they were transformed! So, mysterious solve! No more trouble about that! This is my favorite book among the series, Vanessa finally accepted her identity and faced it with Simon. (Even that's sort of an accident...?) And all of those deaths and accidents just make this book so scary...but at the same time, I can't pull myself out of it! In this book, not only can we read Vanessa and Simon's relationship grew once again, but also with another beautiful sirens chasing after Vanessa. Vanessa was a siren magnet! It just seems every siren likes to approach her! (All right...maybe not the siren in Winter Harbor...they hate her...) We all know that's because she was too powerful... Yet she was no longer the Vanessa who afraid of everything, she confronted her fear and fixed the mistakes she had once make. I love that! Although I think all those experience with siren help her A LOT. Perhaps she still protested about the way sirens live...but since she was raised up by "normal person", I don't think anyone will like that. Live by killing...not good huh? I still remember a line between Vanessa and Simon “We can’t go back, but that still leaves forward.” They figured out the way to be together (Do you see that, Aelin? Don’t just push him away to find another…guy, you must face it! Sorry guys, I was a bit disappointed after I read Queen of Shadow) So… there are heartbroken, family problem, extra mother (?!) terrifying things, great friendship, lovely relationship…I suppose that’s more than enough for a haunting romance novel? For those who can’t bear to read the entire series…I feel sorry for you…cause you miss something really great, you won’t find out unless you re-read it. And for those who hasn’t start this book…start reading, and be patient until you finish it…if it’s still not good…then you can stop reading siren novels.


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