The Twelve Dancing Princesses Series

The Twelve Dancing Princesses Series
By Jessica Day George
Princess of the Midnight Ball (The twelve dancing princess)
Princess of Glass (Cinderella)
Princess of the Silver Wood (Red riding hood & Robin hood)

  Here comes another beautiful series of fairytale retelling! Jessica Day George’s retelling series blend magic, romance, and mystery all together. The twelve beautiful princesses: Rose, Lily, Jonquil, Hyacinth, Violet, Iris, Lilac, Daisy, Pansy, Poppy, Petunia, Orchid… (I’m sure the oldest and the youngest are in the right order, as for the six in the middle…I hope they are, it’s so exhausted to type all their name! Especially Lilac! She didn’t appear in the book many times, it’s so hard to find her name). The princesses were named after flowers since their mother loved her enchanted garden so much. The series’ biggest enemy was King Under Stone, when he seemed to been disappeared, his influence was still there, haunting the princesses’ lives.

  There has been a huge gap between the first and second book. The second one occurs ten years after they escaped from the darkness. And the main character in the book has change from Rose and Galen to Poppy and Eleanora (A young maid…I suppose I should type the prince’s name, but he’s actually less important to the servant girl!) And the last book’s narrators are Princess Petunia and Oliver. (His is not even a prince, but who cares? He’s a better man than those princes in this book!)
  The princesses’ curses seem to have no way to end, to stop the curses, all they need are courage, knitting, and wisdom. Believe me, you won’t see anyone braver than those princesses in the series, with both beauty and courage, I believe they’ll pass the harsh time. (What do I mean “believe”? This is a fairytale series! Sure it is…but such interesting plots, no one can guest what’ll happen next.)
  I love this series very much and find it’s a splendid work. The books weren’t so old fashion and always give us something fresh. And a terrible, dark magic palace with hideous princes waiting to wed the princesses for their own freedom, what can a girl ask for more from a series? 


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