Princess of the Silver Wood (The Twelve Dancing Princess Series)

Princess of the Silver Wood
By Jessica Day George
  Finally, the last battle has come…except the sad thing is that the book is over!!! No!!! (Screaming all the way…). The last book form the twelve dancing princesses is an exciting adaption of Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood. We get beautiful forest, wolves, red cloak. Who can ask for more? (That’s the story about…sorry, I’m out of my mind). After ten long years, the princesses were once again cursed by the King Under Stone. (Wait, wasn’t he died? Oh oh…his dreadful sons were back. Sigh…)
  Princess Petunia has been kidnapped! Expect…it was really more like an accident. Oliver, the leader of a band of thieves known as the Wolves of the Westfalian Woods, didn’t MEAN to do it. And now he must make things right. He will confess to the king and deliver the princess to the grand duchess’s estate.
  But Petunia’s safety is far from secured. As children, she and her eleven sisters had been cursed to dance endlessly at the midnight ball of the fearsome King Under Stone. Troubling dreams of the ball once again haunting Petunia, and she can’t be sure they are mere nightmares. When she and her sisters fall into a carefully laid trap, who but a handsome woodsman can save the day?

  Although the summery tells you Oliver saves the day…it's actually Galen! (Galen is back to save the world!). Of course there’s part for the woodsman, and a quite vital part. ...What I just said is that I’m sooo happy when I saw Galen and Rose again (Just older though), the main male character is really Oliver. The magic in this book is bigger than the last one, and the schemes are wicker. But it seems to me that after ten years under the King Under Stone palace, the princes in there haven’t grown much wisdom. They’re such idiot to fall for the similar trick again! (Really? Didn’t you guys learn anything since the last time they escaped from you? The princesses had learned so much since then, especially there are two soldiers in the royal family). As for the grown up princesses, still there’re no happily ever after happen to them. All the married princesses have no child and can do nothing with it. (Yeah…the exact same thing happened to their mother). When you read my opinion above, perhaps you’ll think it’s just the same as The Princess of the Midnight Ball, but it’s actually not. No, the princesses wouldn’t make the same mistake as their mother once did, so there was something behind all the nightmares. And the kind old duchess, a well hidden secret was inside her and might affect the princesses. Doesn’t all that sound wonderful? (I support they are…to me). Magic, the old enemies were back and another enchanted garden was created. I love this book as much as I love the first one, those interactions between the characters and the strange little things that happened in the book just make it more amazing. Somehow we wouldn’t think twice when we read, but it turns out every things appear with reasons. This is my first fairytale retelling book about Red Riding Hood, and I had already been in love with it as soon as the moment I saw the cover, after the reading, I’m grateful that I read the last book of this series. (Since I found the second book aren’t as exciting as the first one.) If you read the first two books, you definitely won’t be disappointed with The Princess of the Silver Wood!
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