Princess of the Midnight Ball (The Twelve Dancing Princesses Series)

Princess of the Midnight Ball
By Jessica Day George
What young girl wouldn’t love to dance away her nights in this splendid castle, in the arms of a handsome prince?
  Here comes another fairy tale retelling series! I decided to read this book after I finish Entwined, and it's worthy of it! I just can't help myself but fall in love with all the fairy tale retelling, especially those with was adapt from The Twelve Dancing Princesses. (I also love the Barbie movie! The music is great and the scenes are enchanting! I know…a little too old for that)
  As the crown princess, Rose is never without a dancer partner. She and her eleven sisters are treated to beautiful gowns, slippers, and dances at party after party in their father’s palace. But their evenings do not end when the guests return home. Instead, Rose and her sisters must travel deep into the earth to the wicked King Under Stone’s palace. There, the girls are cursed to dance each night, even when they grow exhausted or ill.
  Many princes have tried –and failed –to break the spell. But then rose meets Galen, a young soldier-turned-gardener with an eye for adventure. Together they begin to unravel the mystery. To banish the curse, they’ll need an invisibility cloak, enchanted silver knitting needles, and, of course, true love.

  Compare to Entwined, The Princess of the Midnight Ball focus less on family and more on the King Under Stone. Another difference is that princesses in Entwined didn't find out the fabulous dancing pavilion was actually a dangerous place until the last part of the story, yet the King Under Stone's palace was always a horrible place for the princesses. So to me, The Princess of the Midnight Ball is a darker version of the original fairy tale.
Unlike Entwined, the narrator was Azalea, this book's POV is Galen! An incredibly handsome soldier... (He is the most attractive one among the whole series!!!) I really enjoy reading this book, the writing is beautiful, the schemes are full of darkness, Rose and Galen's interaction was so cute, somehow they're my second favorite couple after Gisela & Valten. (The Captive Maiden) And an interesting plot in this story is that we have a boy who knit! Somehow knitting is more of a "girl stuff" in our perspective...but Galen was quite an expert of the skill, and because of that, he was able to rescue the princesses!
  This book gives us a whole new mysterious view of fairy tale. (But so much pain in this series, poppy even cried when she heard simply "ball") Still, hope exists in the series. For those who love The Twelve Dancing Princesses, I highly recommend this book.

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