Princess of Glass (The Twelve Dancing Princesses Series)

Princess of glass
By Jessica Day George
One good CURSE leads to ANOTHER…
  The second book of the twelve dancing princesses series, an alternate adapted story of Cinderella. I'd fallen in love with the way that was written in the first book and had expected to read the second book since then.
     Having once been cursed to dance every night with her sisters, Princess Poppy has vowed never again to put on a pair of dancing slippers. Which is why she’s reluctant to participate in the royal exchange program that her father and some of their neighbor kings have cooked up.
  Life in far-off Breton isn’t so bad, not when there’s money to be won playing cards and a handsome prince promising friendship…and maybe something more. But with a helpless servant named Eleanora enters the picture and sets her sight on the prince, too, which girl will win his heart?
  And who is behind the magnificent gowns and slippers that the penniless Eleanora has been wearing to the balls? Only Princess Poppy can see through the magic that holds the rest of the kingdom in its spell. And having fought against one curse before, she’s just the girl to take another!

  Unlike other Cinderella retelling, the main character Poppy wasn't "Cinderella" in the book. (Obviously guys, since she was the princess, she wouldn't have to do all the chores...unless her kingdom fallen.) Cinderella's character was actually a maid called Eleanora in the royal family, who happened to once be a duke's daughter. She was unsatisfied with her new life and often made trouble because of her lack of experience. (I think no one would blame her for that...if only she had a better attitude and willing to learn...unfortunately...she didn't ). During Poppy's visit, there were several balls to attend, yet because of her experience in King Under Stone, she wouldn't dance. Ahh! I forget to mention a important part, Poppy somehow look really like Eleanora! (Strange right?). Turn back to Eleanora, she really wanted to attend the ball too, and you guest? Boom! Fairy godmother appeared! (How awesome!...doesn't anyone taught you not to believe stranger?)
And of course, there are princes inside the story. (But sorry...since you're not as attractive as Galen...I won't introduce you). Na, just kidding, the princes who were also invited to the balls, where he met the two girls. Yet he was controlled by love curse. as you are, I believe I don't have to say what had happened to them. Another fun plot about this book is that the princesses learned to shoot! Because of their experience of King Under Stone, they'd managed to learn how to protect themselves and learn to knit?! (Haha! Those knitting stuffs were actually more of a protection...good job Galen! You did so many things for the princesses.). But the same thing about The Princess of Glass and The Princess of the Midnight Ball is the magic was vicious (there're still good magic, just they didn't seem as important as the bad one in this book). The glass slippers were...horrible! (Like I told you before, I long to own a pair of glass slippers in the Cinderella 2015 movie...but for the shoes in this book, no thanks). 
  Princess of the Glass won't be my first choice among all the Fairytale retelling, but it's still a nice book with something fresh to read in this story. I like the way which the story was told and the strong independent princesses created by the author. (Who say princesses should be the damsel in distress or sit by the window waiting for rescue?) We can read a whole new type of princess and soldier... (It still amazed me the truth that Galen knows how to knit and keeps the habit after he left the army! But I know that really happen in the war...just can hardly imagine those kind of things appear in books! Especially fairy tales. I love new thought!) So if you love the work by Jessica and a brand new type of fairy tale, put this book in your to-read list! (And remember to read...don't just put in the list and forget the book after few days.)
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