Fairy Tale Romance Series

Fairy Tale Romance Series
By Melanie Dickerson
1. The Healer's Apprentice ( The Sleeping Beauty ) 
2. The Merchant's Daughter ( Beauty and the Beast ) 
3. The Fairest Beauty ( Snow White )
4. The Captive Maiden ( Cinderella )
5. The Princess Spy ( The Frog Prince )
6. The Golden Braid (Rapunzel) ( Not publish yet...but I'll put the review on as soon as I finish it)

  About the connection between those books. Rose and Lord Hamlin (The Healer's Apprentice) are the parents of Gabe (The Fairest Beauty), Valten (The Captive Maiden), and Margaretha (The Princess Spy). And Colin (The Princess Spy) is the grandson of Annabel and Ranulf (The Merchant's Daughter). 
As much as I love this whole series (you'll know if you read my pervious review!), and I hope you'll enjoy them as I do. However, some of you may think it's horrible. But I'll provide some reading tips so you can enjoy the whole series. Set yourself at the period, just read the book as if you live in medieval term too! So when you read the plots you won't feel shallow, instead, you can fall in love with the romantic series as I do! Second, remind the period if that time, you'll find the male characters were really in love with the female characters because of their inner beauty, not like those who just see appearance. Last but not least, if you are hesitated about all the God in the series, don't be! It actually gives us really good opinion not just for the characters but also ourselves to learn! I'm far from a Christian, yet I really enjoy reading the whole books! If you try all those tips and still find it boring to read... I can only say that you're too sad to miss the great series! 
  Melanie Dickerson is so kind to answer my question about the story! (thank you soooo much!). As I was informed, there'll be a surprise in the sixth book! I'm really looking forward to it!
  The series is full of adventure and romance, I'm kind of the person who hate romance stories, but Melanie Dickerson wrote them so we'll even I fallen for it. As for the adventure, it just give us a brand new sight from the contemporary novel plot ( something called...dysutopia) I'm madly in love with fairy tales again because of this series! For those who love all of the topic I mention above, make sure you read the books right away!


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